Jennifer Lopez Has Donned A Wedding Dress And, Of Course, She Looks Incredible

That's one way to distract from breakup rumours

Jennifer Lopez has never been one to sit idly by while rumours are circulating about her personal life. For those who may have missed it, the actress is currently fending off reports that she and her partner Alex Rodriguez are all-but-finished. One way J.Lo is drawing some focus? Swanning around a beach in a wedding dress.

The star shared pictures of herself in a wedding dress on her Instagram, captioning them with some charmingly Boomer hashtags: “Eye on the prize. 🌴 🌊 🎥 #ShotgunWedding #MakingMovies #SetLife #ProducerLife #BTS.” The gown isn’t for any IRL nuptials, however, rather for her upcoming film Shotgun Wedding.

Jennifer Lopez wearing a wedding dress

J.Lo’s wedding dress photo has garnered thousands of likes, despite it not being from an actual wedding.

JLo wearing a wedding dress

It’s also not the only time J.Lo has given fans a peek (and potential initial shock) at her matrimonial film-wear.

She has previously shared a look at what might be the same wedding dress from behind. Judging from the missing sleeve and dirty hem, we think she and her Shotgun Wedding co-star Josh Duhamel have had some unexpectedly eventful nuptials. 

Jennifer Lopez wedding dress

As for her real partner, baseball player Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod, the pair were recently snapped in a cute PDA. The photo-op came swiftly after rumours the engaged couple had broken up—rumours are circulating that Rodriguez may have cheated.

Take these details with a grain of salt as they’re “from a source” but apparently Rodriguez is working hard to try and save the relationship.


“He is sending flowers, calling, flying to see her, but she feels it doesn’t make any sense to be together after hearing that he was talking to other women and discovering the NDA’s he had women sign,” the source shared. “She loves Alex but she can’t accept his cheating no matter what.

“He knows he has messed this up and their future is crumbling,” said the source. “She’s working right now and doesn’t have time to deal with this.”

Eyes on the prize indeed.

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