How Early 2000s Icons Kate Bosworth & Justin Long Went From Costars To Soulmates

Obsessed with this relationship.

When it comes to iconic pairings, nothing warms our hearts more than beloved actors coming together in romantic harmony. Whether it was 90s icons Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar or present day icons like Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling — it’s always nice to see the people we love grow to love each other, too. 

The latest iconic coupling? Justin Long (He’s Just Not That Into You) and Kate Bosworth (Win A Date With Tad Hamilton). While both actors have been in the industry for several decades, a 2021 project brought them together and they haven’t looked back since. 

Below, everything we know about their relationship journey to date.

May 2021: The Arkansas movie


During the early months of 2021, Bosworth and Long filmed House Of Darkness together in Arkansas. After wrapping, the actress penned a long, heartfelt tribute to her costar, including a snap of him holding her in his arms. 

“Holy moly @justinlong you are a truly spectacular / fun / funny / kind / rare / thoughtful / totally. fckn. rad human being. 🌻,” she wrote. “THANK YOU for lifting us up … you kept it light & full of laughter daily, even through the toughest moments. You gnome how much I love ya 💛 (sorry had to ;)” 

Long jokingly commented, “That’s ALL you wrote about me??? Well… I admire your restraint.” 

He continued, “I joke because this is embarrassing and too much… I’m going to say even nicer things about you publicly because people should know what a rare gem you are – all the things you said about me but a little bit (or a lot) more. It was a true joy to be in your glow.”  

December 2021: A cryptic confirmation

During an episode of his podcast Life is Short with Justin Long, the actor confirmed that he was in a relationship. At this point, he didn’t confirm who it was, but he left fans with one lone clue — she likes pineapple on her pizza. 

March 2022: A public sighting 

A few months later, the pair were spotted together in a car in L.A. While they weren’t doing anything overtly romantic, the rumour mill was in overdrive that they were an item, particularly after their gushy exchanges on social media. 

April 2022: Long says he’s found “the one”


While appearing on Nick Vaill‘s show The Vaill Files, Long revealed that he’d finally found the one, after years of waiting. 

“I had gotten to a place where I was comfortable with myself,” he said.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but I was ready for the one,” the actor said, before adding, “And the one, I met. I found. I want to [talk about it], but I also want to be protective. I want to scream it from the rooftops, but I also want to be protective. It’s sacred.”

Later that month, the two were spotted kissing on a beach in Hawaii after travelling there to celebrate a wedding. 

May 2022: Instagram official 


While travelling together in Ireland, Long went Instagram official with Bosworth, including a sweet selfie of the pair sharing a Guinness and sporting matching foam moustaches.

“I’m the luckiest. 🍀✨😘,” Bosworth commented.

Earlier that month, Long spoke candidly with Chelsea Handler on an episode of the Dear Chelsea podcast. 

“There’s something about it, for me, that I feel like I need to protect and keep sacred because it feels sacred,” he explained, before adding, “I’ve never had anything like this before; I’ve never experienced this. So it’s something I want to protect and keep, you know?”

June 2022: The Birthday tribute


For Long’s 44th birthday, Bosworth posted a special message on Instagram along with a gallery of photos of the couple.

“You were born today and the world lit up brighter than it had known and years later you met a girl who’s life was disassembled / rearranged but you were patient and with time she fell in love now she has a glow (one that was forgotten long ago) she is so grateful *more than you’ll ever know 💛,” Bosworth wrote next to a series of candid shots, goofy selfies and PDA-packed photos. 

She added, “Happy Birthday @justinlong you make me smile so big my face hurts xx Thank you for creating peace in my heart since the day we met.”

Long commented, “Fine! I’ll start following you! 😜Loving you is easily the best gift I’ve ever received 🎁💛💛💛(I’m going to tell you this in person as soon as I walk out of the bathroom ;).”

April 2023: Kate Bosworth And Justin long Get Engaged

They’re engaged! (Credit: Image: Instagram)

After being spotted on the red carpet of the Oscars with a giant diamond on her wedding finger, the rumour mill began to fly that Kate Bosworth and Justin Long were engaged. 

Nearly a month later, the pair took to Instagram to share the news that they’re officially tying the knot. Long took the opportunity to gush over his new fiancée, writing, “I feel eternally grateful that I found a partner who makes each day so full, whose mere presence is a reminder of the beauty and brevity of life, and who makes me laugh from the minute we wake up til the one I begrudgingly fall asleep. I cherish the days we’ve had and the ones to come.”

Bosworth wasn’t shy of jokes, making a number of puns about the movie titles they’ve both starred in. 

How to do this right? He’s going the distance? I’ve got a Blue Crush? He’s just THAT into me? I’ve won a date with…??? Ok you get it!” she shared. “If life is short, find the one who brings you endless peace and radical wonder. Justin Long, I am so grateful it’s you.”

So far, no details about their upcoming nuptials have been released, but we sure have our eyes peeled as we can’t wait to watch this adorable couple walk down the aisle. 

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