Kate Middleton Reportedly Wants Her Children To Live In The “Real World”

She's taking a leaf out of Princess Diana's parenting book
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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children may live in a palace, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly set on Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis living normal lives – well, as normal as possible when you’re heirs to the throne of England, anyway.

According to a new report by The Sun, Kate is taking a parenting strategy out of Princess Diana’s book in terms of raising her kids so that they have an ordinary childhood – Princess Diana was famous for her laidback attitude to parenting, often sneaking her boys into amusement parks, movie theatres and fast-food restaurants so that they could experience the same thigns as other children.

“Kate has always wanted the children to live in the real world. She and William don’t want them to live in a gilded bubble,” a source told the outlet. “They want them to grow up having the same experiences as other kids.”

kate middleton

“Kate is mindful of how much William loved his mother,” the insider continued. “She was very unstuffy and wanted William and Harry to fit in with their school friends and experience normality. That’s the baton she handed to Kate.”

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