Margot Robbie Says She Was ‘Dying On The Inside’ When Those Viral ‘Barbie’ Photos Leaked

"This is the most humiliating moment of my life."

For Margot Robbie, life in plastic may not always be fantastic. In fact, the actress shared that she felt rather humiliated when she was snapped filming her latest movie, Barbie.

Starring in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film about the iconic Mattel doll, the Babylon star revealed that she and her co-star Ryan Gosling, who is set to play Ken, were far from ready to be seen in costume.

In an interview on The Tonight Show, Robbie explained that they were both “mortified” by the photos taken of the duo, and even more so when they went viral in June.

“I can’t tell you how mortified we were by the way,” she told Jimmy Fallon. “We look like we’re laughing, having fun, but dying on the inside. I was like, ‘This is the most humiliating moment of my life.’ So embarrassed.”

A few months ago, Robbie and Gosling were all over the internet after the pair were filmed and photographed while on set for the Barbie movie, wearing matching, neon pink cowboy outfits and rollerblading down Venice Beach. And while the world was elated to have spotted the pair filming the highly-anticipated movie, their time spent filming on the beach gave Robbie more concern than she’d expected. 

“I knew that we had some exteriors to shoot in LA,” she explained. “Once you’re doing exteriors, you’re gonna get papped. There’s probably going to be a little crowd of people there who are going to take notice because of the fluro—we stand out a little in those outfits.”

“So I knew there would be a little bit of attention and probably some photos would get out there, but not like it did.” She added, “It was mad”.

But rather than a handful of people recognising the actors, Robbie explained that there were “hundreds of people watching all the time”, while she and Gosling donned ’80s ensembles and skated down the Los Angeles beach.

Back in April, Warner Bros. released our first official look at Robbie as the beloved fashion doll in the live action film and the resemblance is uncanny.

In the image, Robbie sits in Barbie’s neon pink convertible car and sports a blue and white halter top with a matching beaded bracelet and head wrap. And of course, her sun kissed, blonde locks fall below her shoulders in bouncy curls à la the doll herself.

While other information about the film’s production has been kept under wraps, Variety reported both Robbie and Gosling’s salaries, both of which are impressive to say the least.

According to the outlet, the Australian actress was paid a whopping USD $12.5 million (AUD $18.1 million) for the Barbie movie, which made her the highest-paid female actress in Hollywood. As for Gosling, he reportedly pocketed the same salary as Robbie, with the pair tying for 16th place on Variety‘s newest list of Hollywood’s top earners.

Barbie is set to hit theatres worldwide on July 21, 2023.

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