Forget Drama, MAFS’ “Little Bo Peep” Bridesmaid Dresses Stole The Show Tonight

"Brett & Booka's wedding has very MySpace 2005 vibes"

And we’re back for yet another set of weddings on tonight’s episode of Married At First Sightand just as we witnessed last night (and pretty much every other episode of seasons past), the usually blissful occasion was marred by the dramatic circumstances of two people who—surprise, surprise—don’t like each other when they’re forced to marry. Tonight’s victims: Cameron and Samantha, Booka and Brett, and Coco and Sam. 

Although, surprisingly tonight’s couples seem to… low key, like each other? Cam and Samantha’s wedding goes off without a hitch (“she lights up the room!” Cam describes his glowing bride), and Booka and Brett look like a pretty decent, albeit quirky, match (“it was nice, and tender, I want more!”, we hear the new groom describe their first kiss). 

But alas, we spoke a little too soon. Cue Coco and Sam—the couple Twitter has labelled the “guilt-free couple designated for ✨ drama ✨” for this season. Besides how far the bride has to walk in her sky-high heels and princess dress, there’s obviously an awkward connection from the get-go, or “vibe” as the bubbly bride would have described. 

Later, as things were going well for Cam and Sam the mention of children halts their breezy process. Upon learning she’s a mother of two boys, aged six and seven, he seems taken aback. “I don’t think you can be prepared until it’s actually said to you,” he tells producers. “I don’t want to hurt this girl, because she’s got so much more to lose than I do.” 

In between those major events, Twitter couldn’t help but laugh along. Below, we’re rounding out the best reactions from MAFS’ second episode. 

Otherwise, to read what else happened on tonight’s episode, head over to our recap. 

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