Married At First Sight’s Dean Wells Shares Unseen Footage Filmed After Davina ‘Affar’

“This is nuts"
married at first sight

If you thought the Married At First Sight drama ended when the show did, you’d be terribly mistaken.  

Controversial contestant Dean Wells has shared previously unseen footage on Instagram from the night he secretly met up with Davina Rankin while they were both married. 

“Found some old footage of when the whole Davina scandal was going down,” he captioned his post. 

“I’ve moved on from all of that now but I thought people might want to see some of this raw footage shot on my phone. Don’t think any of this was ever used in the show.”

The video was filmed on Dean’s iPhone immediately after he met Davina at a pub behind Tracey’s back.

“This is nuts … I’ve just finished talking with Davina for the first time, there’s so much stuff going through my head right now,” he says in the clip.

“I feel like I need to tell Tracey that I met with Davina.”

In his caption, Dean aka Visonz also expressed for betraying Tracey and Ryan.

“I still feel bad for doing this to Ryan and Tracey, but I learnt a lot,” he wrote. “Everything worked out for the best in the end, but it was definitely a tough time”.”

Speaking to ABC News in March, Davina revealed she had been the target of online bullying and received death threats since appearing on the reality show.

“I barely got out of this whole ordeal alive, I can’t even imagine what it would be like for younger boys and girls who have to deal with this alone,” Rankin said. 

“It’s just crazy because people believe so much.”

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