Matty J And Laura Byrne Announce The Arrival Of Their Second Child, Daughter Lola Ellis

"You are perfection. You are dynamite"

A huge congrats are in order for one of our favourite Bachie couples! Matty J and Laura Byrne have announced the arrival of their second child, daughter Lola Ellis Johnson. 

The couple, who also share daughter Marlie-Mae, took to Instagram to share the special news, 

Lola Ellis Johnson… you had us all fooled!” Matty wrote alongside a series of adorable photos. “Everyone from your Mum, your Nana, the neighbour and even the postman thought you were going to be a boy.

“Playing pranks on us all already… I love it! I also love that I’m now well and truly outnumbered by 3 beautiful and rambunctious girls at home. Welcome to the family.” 

Laura also took to social media to announce the news, alongside her own series of sweet snaps. 

Welcome to the world my precious little Lola Ellis Johnson,” the Toni May founder began. “I said I would eat my own poop if you were a girl, and yet HERE YOU ARE! Already teaching me the worldly life lessons that come with being a mama – such as, just because I feel something to be true (in my waters) doesn’t mean it is and not to make promises to @matthewdavidjohnson that I 100% do not intend on keeping.

“You are perfection. You are dynamite. We love you and your 95 percentile head endlessly.” 

The couple first announced they were expecting their second child in September 2020 via Instagram, posting an adorable snap of themselves with their one-year-old Marlie-Mae at the beach.

I recon [sic] we’ve kept this little beach ball under wraps for long enough….. Half way to number 2 👶🏻,” Laura wrote in the caption accompanying her post.

“A big shout out to @matthewdavidjohnson for his contribution 😂🤣.”

Byrne has previously spoken candidly about being pregnant with Marlie-Mae on numerous occasions, frequently sharing a number of the real and relatable moments that come with being an expectant, from the stretch marks to hormone-fuelled tears.

“I was one of those annoying peacocky pregnant ladies who said things like ‘pregnancy is bliss, it’s breezy easy so far’ and now I can’t touch my toes, or breathe, and every burp could very well be a surprise spew,” she shared in one Instagram post.

The all-star Bachelor couple announced their engagement back in April 2019. Their wedding was originally meant to go ahead this year, but was postponed after Laura gave birth to Marlie-Mae, and then a second time due to the pandemic.

In conversation with TV WEEK in April, Laura revealed that they are now looking to wed in 2021.

“We had originally thought that we would have our wedding this year, but juggling a baby and full-time work meant that we never got around to locking in a date and venue,” she said.

“Luckily our lack of plans and disorganisation meant that we didn’t have to cancel anything. We are now looking to 2021.”


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