Naomi Campbell Explains Becoming A Mother At 50 Is The “Best Thing” She’s Ever Done

The supermodel gets candid about becoming a super mum.

At 51, Naomi Campbell is one of fashion’s most decorated figures.

Her career spans decades, continents and job titles, with the role of supermodel, global ambassador for The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and activist all under her belt.

Then, in 2021, Campbell surprised the world with the arrival of her daughter.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the icon revealed “a beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother.”

What should have been a joyous moment for the supermodel was sadly overshadowed by speculation over the baby’s father, whether Campbell conceived naturally and if a surrogate or adoption agency was involved.

But Naomi didn’t let these invasive and downright inappropriate concerns stop her from embracing her new mantle, with the trailblazing fashion maven speaking candidly in an interview about what motherhood over 50 is like and how her baby is the “best thing” she’s ever done.

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“She wasn’t adopted – she’s my child,” the supermodel explained to Vogue, finally debunking the rumours once and for all.

Although to some, Campbell’s advanced maternal age and single-mother status is unconventional, it’s in true Naomi fashion to rebel against tradition and do things her own way—whether that be in her advocacy for young Black creatives or in becoming a mother.

“I can count on one hand the number of people who knew that I was having her,” the model tells the publication “but she is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

As for her daughter’s name, Naomi explained that she’s saving the reveal for an upcoming book. She went on to share that it hasn’t been penned yet, but that it will detail her journey to parenthood.

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The supermodel did however, share that her daughter is following in her mother’s footsteps and showing an interest in fashion with an impressive designer-clad closet to boot.

“She has a really nice closet thanks to so many designers and friends who have sent her some lovely things”, Campbell said.

While not much else was revealed about her daughter, Campbell concluded the interview with a hint that perhaps she’ll be expanding her genetically-blessed brood in the future.

When asked whether she wants more kids Campbell laughed and responded with “why not!”

While the supermodel hasn’t revealed whether she has any plans to walk in this year’s Fall fashion season, she’s currently working on an upcoming docuseries with fellow 90s icons Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington, aptly named The Supermodels.

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