Queen Elizabeth Has Reportedly Decided To Never Move Back Into Buckingham Palace

The end of an era.

Queen Elizabeth II has spent the majority of her life at Buckingham Palace, reserving Windsor Castle for weekend trips away.

But now, it looks as if Her Majesty is making a permanent move to her getaway home after living there for the past two years.

When the pandemic began in full force back in March 2020, Queen Elizabeth took the initiative to move to Windsor full-time to make sure staff resources were conserved.

Not long after her initial move, the late Prince Philip joined his wife and the married couple ate dinner together every night in their last year together. So, it makes sense that two years on—with a relentless pandemic still taking lives—Her Majesty has chosen to remain at Windsor Castle permanently. And according to the Times, she will no longer use Buckingham Palace as her full-time home.

Apparently, her decision was made partly because the palace itself is currently undergoing a £369 million (approx. AUD $661 million) renovation that will take 10 years.

“The reservicing does not end until 2027,” a royal source told the publication, adding, “While ongoing, it is not really a place to stay long-term.” 

Windsor Castle
(Credit: Getty Images)

As for Windsor Castle, the estate is not only closer to Her Majesty’s children and grandchildren, but it also has belonged to the royal family since the 12th century.

Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Eugenie all live close to the residence, and Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly looking for a new country house to be closer to the Queen. While they would keep their apartment in Kensington Palace, the pair also reportedly were organising for Prince George to attend a nearby prep school.

As for Prince Charles, he is planning to call Buckingham Palace home when he becomes king, despite his love for longtime London residence Clarence House.

“There is no question about it,” a source told The Daily Mail, adding, “HRH’s view is that you need a monarch at monarchy HQ. This has never been in doubt.”

As for whether Her Majesty will ever be back in Buckingham Palace, well, of course but maybe not for living purposes. After all, they don’t call it the ‘royal HQ’ for no reason.

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