Four Toddlers And Teacher Killed In Brazil Daycare Fire

Twenty five people are being treated for burns

A horrific arson attack at a daycare centre in eastern Brazil has left four infants and a teacher dead in the blaze.

According to the BBC, a guard doused children and himself with flammable liquid and set it alight, officials say.

A firefighter said the victims of the fire at the Minas Gerais state centre ranged from one to four years old.

Twenty-five people—primarily children between ages four and five—have been taken to hospital for burn treatment.

Mother Jane Kelly da Silva Soares recounted the heart-wrenching moment she learnt her four-year-old son Juan Miguel Soares Silva had not survived the attack.

“We are about to move to a different neighbourhood,” she told local media.

“I woke up early to drop him at the nursery. When I saw him again he was already dead in hospital.”

According to The Sun, the security guard allegedly responsible for the blaze has been identified as a 50-year-old man who had assisted at the centre since 2008. The publication reports that the man was taken to hospital with burns to 90 percent of his body, but has not survived. 

Investigations continue.

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