Kylie Jenner Poses In Underwear One Month After Announcing Birth Of Stormi

She's back on Snapchat

Kylie Jenner may have recently said she isn’t too keen to use Snapchat anymore, however it appears the reality TV star is not completely off it, taking to the app to debut a video of her herself in her underwear. 

In the footage, Jenner, 20, simply captioned her video “1 month,” in celebration of the milestone she’s reached after welcoming her daughter Stormi, a full month ago.

The star also shared with her fans a gift from the father of her daughter, rapper, Travis Scott, 25, which included a room filled with of roses. “Ok baby daddy”, she wrote.

Earlier this week we reported that Jenner was also gifted black Ferrari La Ferrari as a push present.

Good to know the new mum is being looked after and appreciated!

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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