Who Is Kate Middleton’s Look Alike, Heidi Agan?

The pair look almost identical.
Image: Heidi Agan

British woman Heidi Agan has made a living for being a Kate Middleton lookalike. It turns out, just having a resemblance to this key member of the royal family has been a lucrative business for her.

Agan’s story starts off simply. She was working for £10 an hour in an Italian restaurant when the Princess of Wales married into the royal family. Soon, opportunities to pose as Kate were so plentiful that she quit her job to be a professional look alike full time.

On her website, Agan describes herself as “the UK’s most realistic Kate Middleton look-alike’, and the likeness is uncanny.

It’s a reputation that has recently drawn Agan into public discourse as conspiracy theories fly that the Princess is missing in action (despite Kensington Palace informing the public of her abdominal surgery and break from public life until Easter).

Image: Heidi Agan

Who Is Heidi Agan?

Heidi Agan is a UK citizen who bears a striking resemblance to Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. She is a professional Kate Middleton look alike, known as the ‘most realistic’.

She also often poses with other royal look alikes, recreating key royal moments in startling similarity.  

How Did Heidi Agan Become A Professional Kate Middleton Look Alike?

Agan was working in an Italian restaurant in 2012, and customers would repeatedly say out how much she looked like Kate Middleton. Agan told Business Insider that without that waitressing job, she may have never gone down this path in life.

She sent head shots to a talent agency after it continued to be pointed out.

Since then, Agan has appeared in TV and print media and has attended a range of corporate events and parties.

Agan looks so much like Kate Middleton that her own daughter looks at images of the Princess and calls her ‘mummy’, according to Business Insider.

Has Heidi Agan Studied Kate Middleton Closely?

While Agan looks like Kate Middleton, she has also worked over the years to replicate the way the Princess moves and speaks.

“[I] have had to look closely at how Kate talks and behaves, I am always mindful of how she talks. I think all look-alikes study their subjects closely because you have to self-teach,” she told the Mirror.

“[She] sometimes bites her lip — I’m not sure if that’s when she’s nervous or what.”

Agan dedicates “hours” preparing for each appearance as Kate.

“Her hair is unbelievably difficult to recreate because she has a great hairdo,” she added.

Is Heidi Agan Married?

Heidi Agan is often joined by Prince William look alike Simon Watkinson in photos, but the royal doppelgangers are not actually a couple. In fact, she is married to a painter and decorator called Russell Agan, with whom she shares a son Blake and daughter Abigail.

What Has Kate Middleton’s Look Alike Said Of Her ‘Disappearance’?

While Heidi Agan has been in high demand for her appearances, interest in her likeness to Kate Middleton has recently reached fever pitch.

Kensington Palace announced Middleton’s withdrawal from public life in January 2024, citing the reasoning as an abdominal surgery. Despite saying that she wouldn’t do public appearances until Easter, the complete lack of any sightings of Kate Middleton spurred online conspiracy theories that she was ‘missing’ or had absconded from her royal life.

What started as song tongue-in-cheek joking turned into something much more sinister when a digitally altered photo of Middleton with her children was released for Mother’s Day. That prompted further discussion about why a true image of the family could not be procured for the occasion.

Then, Middleton was spotted, strolling through a farmer’s market in Windsor alongside her husband Prince William. However, many theorised that the grainy paparazzi footage was in face not Middleton, but a doppelganger, namely, Heidi Agan.

Agan has been a staunch supporter of the Princess’ time out of the spotlight.

“If the surgery is something that she wanted to keep private, then [Kensington Palace is] right not to share more details. She is a public figure but not public property, and we must respect that,” Agan told the Mirror. “Since Kate had surgery, I have done gigs where I have walked in and people have said, ‘There’s Kate.’ So, it started as a joke around ‘we’ve found Kate,’ but now it should stop really.”

Image: Heidi Agan

Did Kate Middleton’s Look Alike Pose In The Windsor Farmer’s Market Video?

So, was it truly Kate Middleton in the farmer’s market footage or does Agan have some explaining to do? The celebrity look alike has officially said that she was not the woman featured in the video.

“My social media has gone crazy since the video emerged. It wasn’t me. Joking about Kate is one thing, but we need to give her time now and I’m sure she’ll be back after Easter, like what was said in the first place,” she told the Mirror. “I was at work at the time, so I know that is not me. I 100 percent believe that is Kate Middleton and William in that video. So, she is alive, and we can be sure about it.”

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