Kyle Sandilands Defends Girlfriend’s “Diva” Behaviour At Fashion Week

The radio host has hit back at haters

Radio host Kyle Sandilands has hit back at haters who criticised his girlfriend Imogen Anthony’s “diva” behaviour at Australian Fashion Week.

In his PS column, Fairfax journalist Andrew Hornery described how Anthony boldly claimed the front-row seat at a show that just happened to belong to Fashion Week’s co-founder, Lorraine Lock 

“And exactly WHO is Imogen Anthony? Indeed it was the question echoing around “faaaarrrrshun week”,” he wrote.

Hornery continued: “Is she a stripper?” one fashion editor whispered to PS as Anthony, wearing thigh-high boots, pimp hat and a mangy-looking acrylic fur, sashayed past, leaving a plume of cigarette smoke and what smelled like freshly sprayed Impulse in her wake.”

On the Kyle & Jackie O Show this morning, Sandilands demanded: “Leave the young girl alone.”

Sandilands explained that his 26-year-old girlfriend was going through a tough time following the death of her grandfather from a heart attack. 

Anthony also clapped-back on Instagram with a lengthy post.

“This is unfortunately the day I had to run out of a show due to something heartbreaking that happened on our farm and now I’ve just had to deal with more news,” she wrote.

“You’re an angry man Mr Hornery, a weird man that has spent his spare time stirring on someone he doesn’t know.”

It just goes to show: we can always rely on Fashion Week for plenty of drama—on and off the runway. 

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