5 Self-Care Priorities For Women In 2022

What Australian women want—and how to achieve it.

Got plans to turn 2022 upside down? We hear you! It’s year three in our ‘COVID-world’ and no one remained untouched. But how, exactly, has the pandemic influenced women’s self-care priorities and goals?

Recently, marie claire and Dove came together for the first-ever Care Factor Survey and asked over 700 women precisely that. Here, participants share their top five self-care priorities and goals for 2022, with clever tips and tricks they’re using to help get them over the line.

  1. Get healthy

A whopping 73 per cent of surveyed respondents cite getting healthy as one of their goals for 2022—and for good reason. The past three years has seen many challenges, affecting us physically, emotionally, financially… our whole wellbeing.  In fact, recent census data shows that one in five Australians aged 16 to 34 experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress.

Ready to make a change but not sure where to start? Start small. Ten minutes of exercise daily is better than none. One healthy meal is better than none. Reducing alcohol intake is better than not. And when it comes to creating new healthy habits, small changes can make a big difference.

Alana, 38, started by putting one foot in front of the other…literally. “Every Saturday morning I go for a long walk around the block and call all of my interstate friends—who are usually on the sidelines watching their kids play weekend sports. Regular chats make me feel connected, despite the distance, and I get some much-needed feel-good exercise, without the need to commit to a fitness centre or team.”

If you’re really struggling to make healthy holistic headway, addictions specialist at South Pacific Private, Diane Young, says: “There’s a reason you have become this way, and identifying the root cause is critical to finding a healthy path forward.”

  1. Rediscover passions

It’s easy for work and responsibilities to get in the way of our hobbies and passion projects. But if COVID taught us anything, it’s the importance of embracing what life has to offer. According to the Care Factor Survey, 47 per cent of respondents said that ‘rediscovering passions’ is one of their top priorities for 2022.

If you’re stuck in a rut, making time for old passions or finding new ones can help put a pep back in your step. Start by giving yourself permission to slow down and ponder: what makes me feel the most like me? What makes me smile from within? When do I feel most happy, inspired or confident? When was the last time I felt really passionate about something? Channel those thoughts…

Rediscover your passions
  1. Invest in positive relationships.

When it comes to our mental health, relationships are everything. Human beings are social creatures, and who you spend your time with matters. So it’s no surprise that 47 per cent of survey participants say that this year, they plan to invest in positive relationships.

Research by the Mental Health Foundation has shown that people who are more socially connected to their friends, family or community are physically and mentally healthier. Over the course of 2020-21, many Australians were restricted from seeing loved ones or spending as much time with their friends and family as they’d like–so now’s the time to foster the relationships that light us up.

  1. Take better care of your hair.

Most of us will have experienced the instant mood-boosting effects of healthy (read: not damaged, split or dry) hair–and that’s why 47 per cent of survey respondents revealed that taking better care of their hair is a 2022 self-care priority.

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are ultra-nourishing for hair, helping to repair existing damage and prevent up to 98 per cent of daily damage from occurring.

Formulated with its new Smart Target Technology, both Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner strengthen hair from the inside out, showing visible and progressive results with each wash. Plus, they’re gentle enough for everyday use, so you can embrace that clean, healthy hair feeling each and every day, and feel good about caring for yourself and what’s important to you.

take care of yourself

47% of women said finding the right hair care products ‘greatly improved’ their confidence.

marie claire for Dove ‘Care Factor Survey’ 2022.
  1. Simplify your beauty routine

Women are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs before their own. But you can’t pour care for yourself or for others from an empty cup, and that’s why it’s so important to carve out a little bit of ‘me time’ every day. And the good news? It needn’t be time consuming. In fact, 28 per cent of survey participants cite ‘simplifying their beauty routine’ as a 2022 ‘must-do’.

When your beauty routine is comprised of hard-working, no-fuss products, there’s always time to whip through your self-care routine before bed. For example: Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash contains a 24 hour nourishment formula to give you softer, smoother skin after just one shower. It’s the kind of moisturising body wash that makes skin feel cared for. Or, a little confidence might come in the shape of a confidence boosting deodorant that does what the label says it will.

Take Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant Spray, for example. The formula includes the latest antiperspirant technology, providing 48 hour sweat protection. Plus, Dove’s  unique ¼ moisturising cream and caring oil, which leaves the underarm skin smooth. Confidence and all-day comfort in a bottle.

Simple ways women practice self-care

Need some self-care inspo’? Three real women share the simple-yet-effective ways they look after their mind, body and soul.

Bathroom moments. “I use shower time to meditate and pamper myself–and escape the kids! I use Dove’s body wash and Dove soap for my underarms (because it’s literally the only soap that eliminates body odour), cleanse my face, wash my body with a moisturising body wash and try to do a hair repair treatment once or twice a week. After showering, I moisturise my legs and feet, so I have soft skin and feel confident wearing open heels or skirts.” Nikky, 42

Stealing skincare time. “When work is done, the kids are asleep and the kitchen cleaned, my self-care ritual starts. I get my night cream out and massage the product into my face while watching my favourite series and enjoying a cup of tea or glass of red wine. And once a week I’ll whip out the Silk-e-pil out and do my legs. I always feel better when I have silky legs!” Mel, 34

Nailing it. “I simplified my routine during COVID and now do my own mani-pedis at home. I’ve become quite the pro’, and people often comment on the different colours I’m sporting. I find it therapeutic filing and painting them, and always feel ‘polished’ when they look good.” Megan, 34

Self-Care Kit

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