Is this the perfect breakup couch?

It’s love at first snooze.

The undeniable power of heartbreak is a universal experience—documented across cultures and generations through books, films, and the emotional breakup songs we know all too well (ahem).   

When a romantic relationship ends, there’s an abundance of tried-and-tested remedies to help us through the healing process: surround yourself with close friends, indulge in copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s à la Bridget Jones, and, finally, invest in a breakup couch.  

breakup couch

So what is a breakup couch, exactly? According to Architectural Digest, a breakup couch is “a rite of passage. Because partners come and go, but a really good sofa can last forever.”

Here, we break down everything you need to know about the perfect breakup sofa. Because heartbreak and cosy comfort are a match made in heaven. 

Find Comfort In Your Couch

On days when your heart is heavy, fall head over heels… into your sofa. The soft embrace of a breakup couch is always there for you, even when a romantic partner is not.  

The perfect sofa for the job? The ultra-comfy Modern Sofa Luxe by Australian brand Koala. It’s crafted from luxury boucle, a heavier weight, and cloudy textured fabric that elevates your living room (and your mood). Or try Koala’s new Modern UnReal Leather Sofa—a smooth, leather-look couch made from durable, vegan materials.  

The luxurious modular sofas come in different shapes and sizes (the Modern Sofa UnReal Leather comes as a three-seater while the Modern Sofa Luxe is available in multiple configurations) so whatever you choose, it can fit you and a slew of supportive best friends.

perfect sofa
Curl up on Koala’s leather-look sofa, pictured here in the sumptuous burnt rock colourway. (Credit: Photo: Koala)

Refresh Your Living Room Style

When starting a new phase of life—like entering your single girl era—it can be fun to try a new hobby, attempt a fresh hairstyle (we don’t call them breakup bangs for nothing), or redecorate your living room.       

A new sofa is the ideal way to start your interiors revamp. Whether you want it to blend into your living room or be the centrepiece, Koala’s sofa range suits any interior scheme.

Inspired by the Australian lifestyle and crafted in a natural colour palette (with neutral shades like burnt rock, black wood, cliff dive and woodlands), each sofa brings a calm, laidback energy to any space.  

Complete the look with buttery-soft cushions or the luscious Koala Wool rug—a heavyweight, hand braided weave crafted from 100% New Zealand Wool. After all, you deserve it.

stylish sofa
The Modern Sofa Luxe in the gentle hue cliff dive invites you to unwind and heal in comfort. (Credit: Photo: Koala)

Breakup With Unsustainable Sofas

Ready for guilt-free sob sessions on the sofa? As a B-Corp organisation, Koala is dedicated to improving our homes without harming the planet.

The Modern Sofa Luxe was designed with sustainability in mind, as the luxury boucle fabric is made with over 20% recycled fibres.

As for the UnReal Leather, it is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and low VOC, with its silicone layer extracted from silicate rather than oils for a premium matte finish and real leather feel.

It turns out there are many joys of being single, especially when you have a comforting sofa to sink into.    

Brought to you by Koala. Premium quality without the premium price tag. The Modern Sofa Luxe and Modern Sofa UnReal Leather ranges are due to launch mid-July. 

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