12 Of The Best Australian Beauty Brands To Add To Cart ASAP

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As someone who is the owner of (way) too many beauty products, I can safely speak for the majority when I say that we all have an extensive list of make-up and skincare we plan to get our hands on when travelling abroad.

And yes, K-Beauty and G-Beauty might be all the rage at the moment, but there’s something about local Aussie beauty brands that just can’t be rivalled.

From KORA Organics to Bondi Sands, these home-grown labels are making waves overseas and infiltrating global markets more than ever before.

So, keep scrolling and familiarise yourself with some of the most highly covetable brands born Down Under that need to be a part of your beauty repertoire. 


(Credit: @modelco)

From their game-changing tan in a can to their lip lacquer glosses, ModelCo is one of the most underrated Australian beauty brands that we’re genuinely obsessed with. Initially created and formulated for models to wear to castings, ModelCo are all about keeping it natural. Think superior quality for low cost and a diverse range of products that are all about enhancing your natural beauty.

Shop ModelCo here

Sukin Skincare 

(Credit: @sukinskincare)

If you’re after a skincare brand that delivers results, Sukin is your new go-to. Vegan and cruelty-free, this Aussie brand’s philosophy is contingent upon creating naturally eco-friendly formulas that contain super-hydrating skin-boosting ingredients. 

Shop Sukin here

Nude By Nature 

Nude By Nature
(Credit: @nudebynature)

Nude By Nature has become one of Australia’s most beloved mineral makeup brand thanks to their long-lasting formulations and ethos of celebrating natural beauty while enhancing your natural features with products that are beneficial for your skin. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Nude By Nature’s products are formulated without any synthetic ingredients or preservatives. 

Shop Nude By Nature here

Napoleon Perdis 

Best Australian Cosmetics Brand
(Credit: @napoleonperdis)

At the forefront of Australia’s cosmetic industry, Napoleon Perdis is a global force to be reckoned with.  Synonymous with high-end luxury, NP’s products ensure you can master even the most tricky beauty trends and techniques with ease.

Shop Napoleon Perdis here

Alpha-H Skincare

Best Australian Cosmetics Brands
(Credit: @alphahskincare)

If you haven’t heard of Alpha H, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of the brand’s Liquid Gold serum which has editors, models and dermatologists alike buzzing. The brand itself is known for its luxurious international spa-quality skincare that has amassed a cult following due to its natural ingredients and scientific technology to tackle aging, acne, pigmentation and sun damage.

Shop Alpha H here


Austrailan Cosmetic Breands
(Credit: @gotoskincare)

The brainchild of former beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake, Go-To is basically your sassy best friend in skincare form. Uncomplicated, straight-talking and designed to deliver results, the brand’s is completely cruelty-free and heroes natural ingredients for products that will give your skin the love it deserves. 

Shop Go-To here

Kora Organics 

Best Australian Cosmetics Brands
(Credit: @koraorganics)

Founded by none other than Miranda Kerr, KORA Organics’ success story started back in 2009 when the supermodel found a niche in the market for certified organic skincare that was luxurious yet still attainable. Fast-forward a decade later and Kerr’s range of products are proof that clean, non-toxic products can produce optimum results. 

Shop Kora Organics here

Frank Body

Best Australian Cosmetics Brands
(Credit: @frank_bod)

Whether you’re after a light-weight moisturiser for acne-prone skin or a coffee scrub for glowing skin, chances are that Frank Body will have you covered. With a range of face and body products formulated with minerals and essential oils, Frank Body gives the gift of irresistibly smooth skin.

Shop Frank Bod here

Bondi Sands

Best Australian Cosmetics Brand
(Credit: @bondisands)

As people of the world’s driest inhabited continent, you can bet your bottom dollar that Australians know a thing or two about tanning. It’s the choice of tan by Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Steph Claire Smith but if you needed any extra added proof, Bondi Sands draws inspiration from none other than the iconic beaches of Bondi to give you that sun-kissed look in the comfort of your own home . We dare say you’ll never need to get another spray tan again.

Shop Bondi Sands here

Endota Spa 

Best Australian Cosmetics Brands
(Credit: @endotaspa)

Your skin is in some desperate need of attention and your next facialist appointment isn’t for another few weeks to come. What do you do? You stock up on Endota Spa, of course. The certified organic skincare brand specialises in products that are infused with a host of antioxidants and vitamins that will leave your skin – oily, sensitive or allergy-prone, you name it – feeling refreshed, revitalised and restored.

Shop Endota Spa here 

Ultra Violette

Best Australian Cosmetics Brands
(Credit: @ultravioletteau)

When it comes to the harsh Australian sun, only an Australian sunscreen will do. Offering a range of specially formulated physical and chemical sunscreens that also boast the benefits of skincare, Ultra Violette is well and truly changing the SPF game.

Shop Ultra Violette here

Bangn Body

Best Australian Cosmetics Brands
(Credit: @bangn.body)

A Prix de marie claire ‘best body’ product finalist for good reason, Bangn Body and its ‘Yellow Tube of Goodness’ have developed quite the cult following in just a few years. And while it’s famous for its signature firming lotion (which many have even found to solve their facial acne!), the brand has also branched out and developed equally great balms and exfoliants.

Shop Bangn Body here

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