This Affordable Foundation Sells Once Every 100 Seconds Around Australia

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When it comes to finding the perfect base, your options are endless. Considering that natural make-up has soared in popularity by +55% since 2018, we’re not surprised that the top-selling foundation in Australia is by a local natural beauty brand

For the third year running, Nude By Nature’s Mineral Cover foundation is the number one foundation at Priceline pharmacy with over 2,000 units flying-off shelves every week. Not only is this mineral, full-coverage powder foundation easy to apply – it’s also affordable.

As the nation’s top-selling foundation launches a revamped version of the cult product, we caught up with the brand’s ambassador Elyse Taylor to get the lowdown on her cruelty-free beauty philosophy. 

The Australian-turned-New Yorker model and mum walked for Victoria Secret and starred in Dolce and Gabbana and Marc Jacobs campaigns. Balancing her high-profile career with raising her daughter Lila Louise Campbell, Elyse knows a thing or two about natural beauty and living life in the fast lane.

Nude by Nature is celebrating a huge milestone this year, could you tell me a little bit about it?

“It’s the brand’s ten year anniversary! Their Mineral Cover foundation has come such a long way, they started with the natural mineral coverage, which already amazing and they’ve actually repackaged it in a beautiful rose gold dispenser. So you know back in the day you’d kind of open it and be expecting some kind of spillage everywhere? They added a mesh that allows the right about of powder to come out each time. It’s perfect for on the go little touch-ups and you don’t have to worry about it going all through your handbag and everything else. It’s a game changer.”

The Mineral Cover foundation sells once every 100 seconds. Why do you think Aussie women resonate so well with Nude by Nature?

“I think there are so many reasons. I think Australian’s love homegrown brands generally and I think with Nude by Nature, the fact that the company has always been 100% cruelty-free, I think women are really educating themselves about the brands and their footprint and the ingredients and what they’re putting in their bodies. I think women love that it’s make-up that’s good for you. There’s no synthetic ingredients or parabens or anything like that, it’s just, people are trying to be healthier and better versions of themselves.”

Is making cruelty-free choices a philosophy that you take into your own life? 

“Definitely. I’m a mother as well, so I’m conscious that what I put on my body is going to eventually get on my daughter. She’s become so girly lately! She’s almost five, so it’s like she’s in my makeup pan, she’s in my concealers and my highlighters and going through my lip glosses. Plus, I’ve noticed that my skin is not getting congested or breaking out. So for those two reasons, it’s something that’s important to me.”

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Have you experienced problem skin in the past?

“I tend to battle with my skin when I work a lot because I have to wear so much make-up. I don’t get to have the choice of when it comes to what make-up artist use so my skin becomes very reactive. When I’m working back to back – especially on long-haul flights – my skin is not pretty. So if I do have a choice, I want to choose brands such as Nude by Nature because I know my skin isn’t going to flare-up or get clogged.”

How has motherhood changed your approach to beauty?

“Becoming a mother you just have so much less focus on yourself and you really need things that are easy and versatile. Your life changes so much and you need to evolve and adjust with it as well. In my downtime, I kind of like to just keep my look as natural as possible. I use the Flawless Concealer if I’ve got a few spots, it blends effortlessly and doesn’t just sit on my skin, like other makeup companies. Then I just use the Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter because it’s quick and easy, it gives you a nice dewy glow for that instant freshness.”

How do you get that supermodel healthy glow?

“Skincare is very important to me. I’ll double cleanse and exfoliate to make sure I get all my make-up off my face. I also use a serum, moisturiser and my eye cream. Plus, I’ll get a facial once a month.

What’s your secret to staying in such fantastic shape?

“It’s no secret: you have to work out. My appearance and my body is such a big part of my job. In addition to the responsibility of looking after my daughter and constant travel, it’s important to me feel strong and be at the top of my game physically. She goes at one hundred miles an hour and I need to keep up with her. Everyone has a cheat day, so it’s important to find balance. I eat everything in moderation.”

This article originally appeared on InStyle. 

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