5 Products That Will Change The Way You Think About Natural Skincare

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised

Blame it on the internet (guilty), but right now, everybody is a skincare expert, capable of peppering their brunch-time conversation with words once confined to the science lab. Phthalates? We know to avoid them. Biocellulose? It’s what our face masks are made of. Vitamin E? We use it daily.

But somewhere along the way, we forgot that natural beauty products can have just as much scientific credibility as the ones made from synthetics. And now that we’re clued up on just how many chemicals lurk in some of the products we slather on daily, we’re more interested than ever in seeking out simple, natural formulations that actually work.

If you’re a natural skincare sceptic, listen up: the category has come a long way since you first tried that hempseed hand cream. This is why (and what) we’re adding to cart.

1/ The science is still there

The most effective skincare products combine the best of nature and science. Take the newly reformulated Sukin Purely Ageless Range, which is clinically proven to deliver results, thanks to a blend of potent, natural active ingredients. The Rejuvenating Day Cream, for instance, contains Pure Ribose, which is capable of reducing wrinkles by a staggering 78 per cent after as little as 14 days’ use. Or the equally powerful Paracress extract and Crambe Oil (both in the Sukin Purely Ageless Hydration Elixir), found to reduce the surface of wrinkles by 50 per cent and increase hydration by 60 per cent. Mother Nature, we salute you.

2/ But the synthetic nasties aren’t

There’s one (make that 186,734,20) things missing from natural skincare: all the impossible-to-pronounce synthetic ingredients (usually preservatives, parabens, thickeners, emulsifiers – you know the kind) that often make up the bulk of the product. If you’re looking to reduce your chemical load (who isn’t?), making the switch to natural skincare removes who-knows-how-many synthetics from your daily intake. Look for products with fewer ingredients and names you recognise – or at the very least, can pronounce.

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3/ They look, smell and feel just like your favourite products – sometimes better

There’s no longer any sacrifice involved in switching to natural skincare – the consistency, fragrance and texture can be as luxurious as that $150 serum you once splurged on. Try the Sukin Purely Ageless Restorative Night Cream, a rich formula that owes its velvety texture to macadamia oil and cocoa butter, along with efficacious Pure Ribose (see above), white hibiscus and baobab to restore skin quality and elasticity while you sleep. With formulas like these, it’s no surprise that natural skincare makes up almost 25 per cent of the total pharmacy skincare market in Australia* – a figure we expect to soar.

4/ It’s not just about body moisturiser anymore

Sure, your first foray into natural beauty was probably a body balm of some kind, but in 2018, it’s absolutely possible to switch completely to a natural skincare regime – you might even be surprised by just how easy it is. We’re finally spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right products for our skin type, concerns and age bracket. If anti-ageing is your main game (*frantically raises hands*), the Sukin Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Serum is worth putting to the test: a powerful combination of Pure Ribose, rosehip oil, acacia gum and cocoa butter, it promises to reduce the signs of ageing after just 14 days. Team it with the brand’s Reviving Eye Cream to target fine lines and dark circles. 

Sukin is so confident in the anti-ageing powers of their Purely Ageless range, they’re challenging women to the 14 Day Challenge: use for 14 days and see up to a 78 per cent reduction in wrinkles. When all the products in the range are used together, the results are even better – simply follow these steps and sign up here


*AC Nielsen Australian Pharmacy Scan Data MAT to 02/04/2017. Defined total cosmetic skin care.

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