Pistachio Is The Next It-Girl Scent On The Fragrance Scene, For One Key Reason

You could say, we’re ‘nuts’ for it (sorry, not sorry).

Pistachio-based perfumes have been growing in popularity for years, with pistachio formulas (often combined with other gourmand scents like vanilla and woody scents like sandalwood) going viral on the internet since their respective launches.

The Sol De Janeiro mists have racked up more than 51 million views on TikTok, with ‘Cheirosa 62’ amongst the most popular, and it’s not surprising why.

The delicious mix of sweet and complex, pistachio lends itself to the most elite of fragrances.

It’s something prestige brand Tom Ford has known for a long time, with their iconic ‘Soleil Blanc’ fragrance, released in 2016, containing pistachio. Then fragrance brand D.S. & Durga released their ‘Pistachio’ scent, with top, middle and base notes all composed from pistachio. It set the tone that this once complementary note could dazzle in its own right. 

Maggie Arms, head of product and innovation at Sol De Janeiro, is not surprised that ‘pistachio’ is the new it-girl note on the fragrance scene.

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“Pistachio’s nutty and mouthwatering character brings a beautiful complexity to fragrance that allows it to create a bold and unique signature, while also remaining elevated at the same time,” she tells marie claire Australia. “When paired with vanilla (like in our iconic Cheirosa 62 fragrance) it creates this blend of delicious & edible notes that make people instantly fall in love with the scent.”

The pistachio undertone has also earned itself a place amongst some of the more sensual and seductive scents, and there’s actually a reason why. Arms explains, “Pistachio fragrances wear very close to the skin because of the creamy, milky quality that it brings to any scent!”

She recommends opting for pistachio notes that are blended with other creamy, gourmand (read: food flavoured) scents such as vanilla and caramel to “bring out the edible qualities in a way that’s delicious without being overly sweet.”

“Adding subtle floral notes such as jasmine and a woody dry down, along with sandalwood also helps to round out the pistachio for a beautiful and unique character.”

So, if you’re ready to be a pistachio convert, here are some of the top fragrances you can try that contain this special note.

D.S. & Durga Pistachio EDP 50mL, $281, MECCA

(Credit: Image: MECCA)

A tribute to the pistachio note, which is having its moment in the sun, this is an aromatic green fragrance that is both woody and nutty. The top, middle and base notes are all pistachio giving an explosion of this scent when you spray it, lasting long into the evening.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 90mL, $38.00, MECCA

(Credit: Image: MECCA)

There’s no denying that the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream scent ‘Crush Cheirosa ‘62’ went viral when the brand turned it into a spray. The mists are wracking up millions of views on TikTok, with this particular vanilla, caramel, almond, nutty (hello, pistachio) fragrance one of the most popular.

It’s so-called “sunny, yet seductive”, and a perfect spritz for a night out. Top notes are pistachio and almond, middle notes are heliotrope and jasmine, base notes are caramel, vanilla, salt and sandalwood.

Girl of Now Elie Saab 90mL, $119, Chemist Warehouse

(Credit: Image: Chemist Warehouse)

Elie Saab make some beautiful fragrances and this almond, sweet nutty fragrance is no exception. This fragrance is an amber floral variety with top notes of pistachio, pear and mandarin. Middle notes are almond, orange blossom and magnolia with base notes of almond milk, tonka bean, cashmeran and patchouli. It’s a little fruity but still warm, woody and of course, nutty!

Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato 33 100ml, $216, Adore Beauty

(Credit: Image: Adore Beauty)

If you’re looking for something really gourmand and almost edible, this is your choice. It’s sweet, vanilla-based and nutty, like a flavour explosion in your nose. The top notes are pistachio, ice cream, bergamot, hazelnut, rum and cardamom, while the middle notes are rounded our with Lily-of-the-Valley, pear, peony, jasmine, geranium, raspberry and white peach. Base notes are sweeter, think whipped cream and marshmallow, tonka bean and cacao.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc EDP 30mL, $245, David Jones

(Credit: Image: David Jones)

This sweet and nutty fragrance features coconut, white florals and vanilla. The top notes are pistachio, bergamot, cardamom and pink pepper, while the middle notes are tuberose, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Base notes include coconut, amber, tonka bean and benzoin. It’s sultry, floral and luxurious.

DKNY Pure Delicious Delights Cool Swirl Eau de Toilette 50ml, $39.99, Chemist Warehouse

(Credit: Image: Chemist Warehouse)

This perfume brings a little something fruity to a sweet, vanilla and nut base. The top notes are coconut nectar, violet leaf and blueberry. Middle notes are sorbet, pistachio, magnolia and jasmine, while base notes feature heliotrope, musk and patchouli. It’s sweet but still refreshing and grounded for a seductive scent.

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