An Expert Edit Of The Best Serums Of All Time

These are the chosen 7.

The term ‘desert island product’ gets thrown around a lot; but if you ever did need to single out a sole formula to rely on, a serum would undoubtedly be our top recommendation.

Why? With their ability to deliver high concentrations of beneficial active ingredients, they are simply unmatched in the ‘targeting specific skin issues’ arena. They’re pretty phenomenal across the board when it comes to hydration and overall skin health, too.

Celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau certainly agrees: “Simply put, if you want to up your game, serums are the way to go,” she says. “In fact, I always recommend that my clients add this simple step, as usually, once they do so regularly, they see big improvements.”

Understanding their importance, however, doesn’t necessarily make prescribing one for your own complexion any easier. Not to worry – we’ve done the work for you. Here are some of our favourite all-rounders, plus a few formulas designed to specifically aid common skin concerns. Happy shopping…

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum, $291 at


If you’re looking to add a little luxury into your everyday lineup, this decadent (and deceivingly lightweight) serum offers an intense hydration hit while also finding the time to aid in the plumping, smoothing and brightening departments.

Reservatrol B E Antioxidant Night Serum, $228 at


Looking for a serum that works wonders while you sleep? This is it. With a maximised concentration of 1% pure, stable resveratrol, vitamin E and baicalin, it’s filled with anti-ageing properties that will give you a firmer, more radiant complexion. 

Biossance Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum, $95 at


Refreshing the skin’s surface doesn’t have to be an unpleasant process, and this this gentle combo of resurfacing lactic acid and hydrating squalane proves it.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum, $159 at


Recently reformulated yet again (because it refuses to rest on its laurels despite its long-time cult-status), this fast-penetrating serum offers superior protection against fine lines and dehydration while also enhancing collagen levels.

Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum, $75 at


No prizes for guessing the hero ingredient of this hydrating gel-serum blend (the name and rosy pink packaging are pretty good giveaways). The impressive amount of soothing moisture it offers, however, is indeed worthy of accolades.

Kate Somerville Firming Face Serum, $140 at


Caught yourself lusting after Meghan Markle’s dewy, silky skin lately? This wrinkle-reducing smoothing serum is the exact formula she relies on in her own routine, and it’s committed to promoting hydration, firmness and elasticity.

Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum, $70 at


If glowy, glassy skin is your goal, this antioxidant-rich pineapple and vit-C complexion cocktail is the way to get there – dullness and hyperpigmentation are both on its hit list.

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