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Brooke Testoni

It’s been a while since I’ve shared all things beauty on the world wide web, so I thought it was about time to share a little thing or five! Looking after myself, whether it is my skin, hair or my general wellbeing is something I take quite seriously. None of us are getting any younger!


Here are my top five beauty products, which I use on on a daily basis. Now, it was quite hard to pick five. I do have a lot of products I am fond of, but lets not overwhelm you!

(Credit: Brooke Testoni)

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturising Cream

My hairdresser introduced me to the product and I have thanked him ever since. My hair resembles my mother’s: super frizzy and super annoying. After I wash my hair, I apply this and it seems to dry naturally without the frizz. Thank the lord!

(Credit: Brooke Testoni)

RMS – Living Luminiser 

Highlighters are everywhere, every beauty brand has launched one. Which one to buy? Well let me help you friends, this smooth, dewy pot of goodness is not only natural (bonus!), it adds the perfect ‘dewiness’ to the parts you want to make POP.

(Credit: Brooke Testoni)

Charlotte Tilbury – Light Wonder 

I like to call Charlotte ‘God’s gift to beauty.’ She just seems to create products that make everyone look flawless. There has NEVER been a light makeup that I have been happy with, until Ms Tilbury came out with this one of course. I swear every time I where this ‘tube of wonders’ everyone comments on my skin.

(Credit: Brooke Testoni)

La Mer – The Soft Moisturising Lotion

There is actually no product from La Mer I don’t like. I unfortunately can’t afford them all, so I stick to my favourites and they are definitely worth it. I love to use the serum and soft lotion. The soft lotion gives my skin the right about of moisture (I have an oily T zone) and makes it feel silky smooth. My husband also seems to use this one too, when I am not looking…

(Credit: Brooke Testoni)

Map of the Heart – Parfum Gold v.4 

I was introduced to this perfume a few months ago. I am not the ‘girly’ perfume type, so this unisex smell is right up my alley and has been getting a little overworked as of late.

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