Why Your ‘Natural’ Hair Colour Should Be Supported By Natural Dye

It’s nature’s way.
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As women we spend a lot of time trying to look natural. We fill our beauty cabinets with skin-enhancing lotions and potions, we opt for skin tints that can show through our natural freckles, and we often opt for hair colours that bring out the existing beauty in our hair.

But, wouldn’t it be nice for your hair to not only look natural, but actually be natural?

It’s a question that the expert team of hair formulators at Clairol have put front of mind when creating a new natural way to shine: the Clairol Natural Instincts collection.

The healthier formula is made with 80 per cent naturally derived ingredients including coconut oil and aloe vera, to nourish the hair while changing its colour. It also is formulated without the likes of ammonia, PPD or added parabens, meaning your colour is filled with the good stuff.

Why is natural so important, we hear you ask?

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Well, just like how you might want to opt for a salad full of delicious, nourishing ingredients that are going to make your gut feel good, your hair is also an area that needs a bit of love and attention to keep it feeling great.

Opting for natural colour will help you boost shine and hair health without having to give up the desired look you’re after.

Also, for those who tend to be a little more indecisive (can anyone else never pick an outfit?) the Natural Instincts formula is made to gradually fade over 28 washes, offering colour without the commitment.

This will mean that you can easily fade back to your natural colour, or even try a new shade, without creating harsh demarcation lines.

Hair health is so important. Image: Getty

This kind of formula is also expertly designed to work well when blending in greys, something many of us love in good hair dye. You can avoid the damage and complicated upkeep of permanent colour but still keep your hair the colour of your preference.

Not everyone is going to feel comfortable dyeing their hair as a beginner, so the Clairol Natural Instincts formula is a great go-to when you’re getting started.

So, what are a few fun facts to know before you create your salon at home?

  • It has a revolutionary new molecule to replace harmful PPD, reducing allergen risk
  • It has eco-friendly packaging, which is a massive win for the environment
  • The bottles inside the packaging are also PVC-free

What more could we ask for? For more information, and to get started on your new look, visit Clairol.

Image: Clairol

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