Three Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Hair Colour At Home

No salon required.

There’s nothing quite like leaving the salon with a fresh colour. And while, previously, keeping this feeling alive meant frequent and expensive hair appointments, now, thanks to a host of at-home innovations, you can extend the life of your hair colour without breaking the bank.

At the top of our list? Clairol’s Root Touch-Up

Semi-permanent and easy-to-apply, Clairol Root Touch-Up is the easiest way to refresh grown out roots and pesky greys, without over-colouring the rest of your hair.

Keep reading for three innovative ways to incorporate Clairol Root Touch-Up into your hair care routine


Nail The Lived-In Blonde Look

As any blonde will tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating than when darker roots start to creep through.

Enter: root stretching. This low-maintenance technique involves deliberately melting your darker, natural roots into the lighter body of the hair, prolonging regrowth, and negating the need for frequent salon trips. 

If you’re naturally darker but rocking blonde hair, work with – not against – your natural colour, by selecting the Clairol shade that best matches your roots. Apply the cream formula to your roots and, using the brush applicator, gently blend into the lighter portion of your hair.

Easily Conceal Greys

Not ready to embrace grey strands? Whether you’re rocking your natural locks, or devoted to dying your hair, Clairol Root Touch-Up is the perfect solution to hide pesky greysc.

Plus, because Clairol’s clever solution doesn’t require mixing, you can keep it in your vanity, ready to apply at a moment’s notice.


Mask Thinning Hair

TikTok has uncovered a little-known use for root touch up dye. 

User @salonpink demonstrated the power of root touch up products to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, by applying a darker shade to the roots of lighter colours. This creates shadow and dimension at the base of the hair, in turn, giving the appearance of full-bodied locks.

Try this yourself by applying Clairol’s Root Touch-Up in a shade darker than the rest of your hair to the first inch of your roots, and gently blending down the strands.

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