Precious Power: This French-Girl Loved Skincare Brand Just Launched Its Most Coveted Collection

Welcome to the world of Clarins Precious, where groundbreaking science meets the enchanting rarity of Moonlight Flower.

It’s no secret that we love French girl beauty—always effortlessly chic, impossibly cool, and enviably natural. But when it comes to a skincare routine, getting that ‘natural’ look can often take a full regimen approach to achieve it.

French beauty brand Clarins knows this and has launched its most coveted collection yet. Dive into Clarins Precious, the ultimate luxe addition to your skincare regime.

The stunning Clarins Precious collection.

Nature’s Rarity Meets Revolutionary Skincare

There’s no denying that this range is luxe. From the simple gold, curvaceous bottles and jars to the rich creams packed with rare ingredients, the luxury capsule range has been meticulously crafted after years of dedicated research and innovative technological advancements. It’s a collection you’ll truly cherish as it elevates your skincare routine and your powder room aesthetic.  

The essence of Clarins Precious lies in the rare Moonlight Flower, which opens its petals only at night, illuminated by moonlight, revealing its breathtaking white and gold-tinted corolla. Cultivated with profound respect and a commitment to sustainability on a dedicated 6000m² site in Brittany, France, this elusive flower encapsulates both the beauty of nature and the pinnacle of skincare innovation.

The rare Moonlight Flower is exclusive to one area of France, and only opens its petals at night.

An Extraordinary Bloom

Each petal, harvested during a precise 2-hour window when its beauty and molecular richness peak, undergoes a state-of-the-art cryoextraction process at -196°C. This method preserves the potent bioactive compounds of the Moonlight Flower without the need for solvents, capturing its essence in its purest form. The result is a cryoextract that not only preserves the skin’s health but enhances its resilience and radiance.

Sensorial Luxury

Each product in the Clarins Precious line combines luxurious textures and sublime fragrances. The textures are sumptuous yet light, blending seamlessly with the skin, while the fragrance—crafted in Grasse by Master Perfumer Dorothée Piot—features delicate notes of vanilla, peony, and woody musk, reminiscent of the Moonlight Flower’s own nocturnal bloom.

An Ethical Approach to Exquisite Skincare

With Clarins Precious, beauty is more than skin deep. The line is encased in luxuriously responsible packaging, reflecting both the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the bespoke quality of the products within. Every aspect of Clarins Precious, from the rare ingredients to the meticulous production processes, has been designed with care for the environment, making each product a responsible choice for those who seek both luxury and ethical integrity in their skincare regime.

The Precious Range

There are seven bespoke products, each designed to envelop your skin in luxurious care while targeting specific skincare needs. Shop them below. We are splurging on them all.

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