This Website Will Tell You If Your Skincare Is Making You Break Out


You know what they say: prevention is better than a cure. So when we got word that somewhere on the internet lurks a website that can help you identify the cause of your breakouts, we were on there faster than you can say shea butter (FYI: it’s probably a culprit).

It may not be whiz bang to look at, but that’s because the lab coats behind CosDNA are more concerned with function than form – and we thank them for it.

Simply type in your skincare of choice – perhaps you suspect your serum is giving you pimples, or your toner is causing irritation – and voila! CosDNA brings up a list of each and every ingredient in your chosen product, alongside a rating for the likelihood each one could cause acne or irritation.

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I input Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, my winter night-time moisturiser of choice, and was pleased to find it scores low on the acne, irritant and safety index (they use a sliding scale from zero to five, with the lower the number the less likely it is to cause acne or irritation).

According to Stylecaster, which first drew our attention to this nifty site, CosDNA draws on the biggest study ever conducted on the comedogenic capacity of various skincare ingredients to come up with its ratings, along with newer studies.

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