The Breakthrough Moisturiser Elle Ferguson Swears By For Glowing Skin

The affordable skin care product creating major beauty buzz

Fashion influencer and homegrown entrepreneur Elle Ferguson has achieved a lot in the last year. Including the launch of her first ever beauty product: Elle Effect. The cool-girl self-tanning foam has already garnered a cult following including the likes of Kim Kardashian. She’s also just joined the Olay family, joining fellow Australian beauty Jesinta Franklin as one of the beauty brand’s ambassadors. In addition to an ever-growing list of work commitments – she’s also planning her wedding – announcing her engagement to longtime partner Joel Patfull in December 2017.

Here, Elle reveals her day on a plate and the beauty products behind her enviable glow…

Congratulations on your role with Olay, have you been a long-time user of the skin care brand?

Thank you! I have continued to use Olay throughout my skincare regimen. My mother and grandmother used it religiously so when it came time to invest in a good moisturiser Olay was a household name for me. My mum’s skin was so flawless and beautiful and I remember always thinking whatever you’re doing, I’ll be doing! She loved using the Total Effects range and I’ve been loving the Regenerist range.

Including products, can you talk us through your skin care regimen?  

I like to keep it simple! I have spent time working out what’s good for my skin and what works. I always remove my makeup at the end of the day using Olay’s Regenerist makeup wipes and usually jump straight into the shower to cleanse my face. The foaming cleanser is a really easy, fuss-free cleanser. It lathers and foams up instantly to efficiently remove any other traces of makeup.

I then use a super hydrating moisturiser, at the moment I’m loving the new Whipsmoisturiser from Olay that flash absorbs into my skin. Since using it, I have discovered I can apply it in many different ways. I love applying a super thick layer - almost like a mask - at night, or doubling it up as a primer before makeup in the morning. I find I’m wearing less makeup since using Whips as it primes and moisturises at the same time, creating a smooth, matte finish for up to 8 hours of shine-control!

Your hair always looks amazing, on Instagram – what’s your hair care routine like?

Thank you, I bring my GHD curling wand with me everywhere! I also like to keep my hair super simple and find my hair is always better to style or work with on day two.

What’s the best beauty advice that you have ever received?

That beauty comes from within, so ensure that you drink lots of water to keep skin super hydrated. And always make sure to take makeup off each night, no matter how long your day is!

You must have picked up so many makeup tips from MUA at photoshoots – can you share your favourite?

I’m so lucky to have amazing friends who work within the beauty industry. I always trust what they say and love trying new products, but the best part I’ve learned is actually what’s under all the makeup. I now know that you need a great base to start any great beauty look. So clean, hydrated skin is every makeup artists secret weapon.

If you were on a desert island and could only have 5 products, what would they be?

Well… excluding some sort of miracle working supplement to overcome my hunger on the island I would have to say sunscreen to ensure my skin is protected from the harsh UV rays! I can’t live without Lucas Paw Paw ointment on my lips so that’s definitely coming with me. Olay Whips, as a moisturiser lifesaver to keep my skin hydrated, it hasn’t got the heaviness and oiliness of regular moisturisers so I can stay fresh. Mascara, for when I get rescued and of course a hair brush because no one likes a matted dreadlock.

 Has your beauty regimen changed much in the lead-up to your wedding? / have you picked out a wedding dress?

I know stress plays a big part on my skin looking its best, so I’m really trying to de-stress and relax. I’m sticking to removing my makeup, cleansing and moisturising and am such a firm believer in gut health so by adding supplements to my diet and drinking lots of water my skin is getting super hydrated and glowy. As for the dress… well, let’s just saw we’ve narrowed it down to a few!

Are you a fan of treatments if so which ones? 

I do love to treat myself to a facial or massage at Venustus in Paddington, and I think pilates is amazing for your skin, it gets blood flowing to all the good parts. 

What does your day on a plate look like?

I usually start with a smoothie in the morning, a salad for lunch and then some protein with veggies for dinner. We like to keep it clean!

What’s your signature fragrance?

I LOVE to layer my fragrances. I’m known to mix a few different scents together to achieve a unique signature scent.

This article originally appeared on InStyle. 

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