How Emma Mackey Pushes Herself Out Of Her Comfort Zone

“I’ve actively tried to push myself more in recent years and having seemingly endless possibilities in front of you can be an uplifting, empowering feeling.”

Emma Mackey knows confidence. Or at least, she knows how to fake it till she makes it.

“Whenever you get the chance to take up a new opportunity, meet new people and try new experiences, you should,” the 27-year-old says. “It may feel uncomfortable and scary but it’s like building a new habit; the more you’re willing to try, the more you will learn and grow.”

The British-French actress has been pushing herself to try new experiences since her breakout role in Netflix’s Sex Education. Four years later, she has starred in critically acclaimed Emily Brontë biopic Emily, appeared in Barbie—the highest-grossing release of the year, no less—and taken home the prestigious BAFTAs Rising Star Award.

It’s clear that ‘getting uncomfortable’ has paid off for the up-and-comer. Which is exactly why she’s taking on the role as an ambassador for Burberry Beauty.

“[It was a] chance to try something completely different. The idea of pushing myself and finding the confidence to try something new really interested me,” she shares.

Here, we speak to Emma about how she cultivates curiosity, the power of fragrance, and her minimal beauty routine.

Burberry Goddess
“If you can see each undertaking as an opportunity to learn and fill your brain with knowledge, that is a great start.” (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

Always Be Curious

Emma has achieved a lot in Hollywood in just a handful of years. When asked what advice she would give other young women striving for success, Emma says: “My general advice would be to cultivate curiosity, as much as possible.”

“Try new activities, interact with all different kinds of people, read as much as you can, watch different genres of movies, learn to speak new languages, things like that. This will help you hone your taste and adapt to all the different situations life throws at you,” she adds.

The actor’s willingness to try new things makes her the ideal face of Burberry Goddess, a new fragrance that celebrates women’s strength, inner confidence and power. For the campaign, Emma courageously sprints across a striking desert landscape surrounded by prowling lionesses.

So, how did the film and TV star adapt to this new type of shooting?

“[A new process] forces you to focus, let go of your doubts and rely on adrenaline to get you through. Being on set is my favourite place to be in the world, no matter what I’m filming! That will always be the feeling I hold onto.”

Emma Mackey Burberry
“It feels very surreal as I never expected to shoot a beauty campaign such as this, but here we are!” says Emma, pictured on set for the Burberry Goddess campaign. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

Embrace The Power Of Scent

Fragrance plays a powerful role in our lives, and nobody appreciates this more so than Emma. She says that the aromatic smell of cooking and the musky scent of a bonfire take her back to her childhood and bring her comfort.

“I am fascinated with the power that scent can have, and the way it can immediately transport you to a specific time and place in your life,” she says, emphasising that she wears fragrance daily.

“Finding one that suits you takes time and feels like such a luxury. I always have a travel size perfume or two in my bag to spritz throughout the day.”

Her new signature scent, Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum is crafted from a unique trio of vanillas enriched with soothing lavender and presented in a timeless, refillable bottle stamped with a modern gold medallion. 

“I like the duality between the lavender and the vanilla notes. I can also smell woody tonalities throughout the fragrance, which are particularly comforting to me,” she explains. 

As for her beauty routine, Emma believes in a ‘less is more’ approach where scent takes centre stage.

“My everyday look is pretty simple, so spritzing my favourite fragrance is what I rely on to complete it. It’s my one constant and just elevates how I’m feeling … that final touch that wakes you up and gets you ready to take on the day.”

Brought to you by Burberry. Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum is available from David Jones, Adore Beauty, Sephora and MYER.

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