The Only 3 Tools You Need To Lift Your Eyebrow And Lash Game

Make every day a good hair (read: brow and lash) day.

Nothing boosts our confidence quite like luscious, long lashes or a good brow shape. 

Finding the right eyebrow arch or lash length for your face can enhance your features, frame your eyes, and brighten your overall appearance. So there’s no wonder that we spend so much time perfecting them.  

While some of us were born with naturally well-defined brows and fluttery lashes (we’re looking at you, Cara Delevingne), the rest of us rely on a few trusted products to help us achieve the style that suits our faces best.  

Below, the high-quality tools at affordable prices to transform your brows and lashes.  

Pink Precision Tweezers


When it comes to creating your dream eyebrows, start by shaping them to suit your facial profile. Determining your facial structure will allow you to discover your best style and hone your natural beauty. 

For instance, soft angles and shallow arches will enhance an oval face, while high arches are ideal for heart-shaped faces. Slim brows suit people with low-contrast features and full, thick brows (a là Cara’s) soften strong jawlines and cheekbones.    

Always keep a pair of tweezers on standby to finesse your shape. We love  Manicare’s pink precision tweezers, which include ultra-fine slant tips (made with high quality stainless steel) for accurate tweezing and control. It’s the OG precision tweezer—plus, did we mention it’s pink?  

Eyelash Curler With Comb


We’re calling it: this is the crème de la crème of eyelash curlers. Pretty in purple, the Manicare eyelash curler includes a built-in comb to separate lashes and create a full-fan flare effect.  

Lifting and separating your eyelashes not only helps to define and open your eyes, but it also creates a smooth canvas for effortless mascara application. The slip-resistant finger grip makes is easier to control, and the replacement pad and comb attachments means double the wear and tear. We’re adding this handy tool to cart, pronto.  

Precision Brow Grooming Kit


If you only pack one thing in your beauty bag, make it a brow grooming kit. This one by Manicare consists of stainless-steel eyebrow scissors with a comb attached to the blade, and a separate spoolie brush to comb, blend, and shape your eyebrows to perfection.  
The detachable comb gives you closer access to individual eyebrow hairs, allowing you to shape or clean up specific areas as desired. Prone to unruly brows? This is the perfect duo to help you touch up and maintain your look when you’re on the go. 

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