If Your Hair Is Feeling Flat, You Might Be Using Conditioner Incorrectly

Fine haired ladies, this is for you
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Real talk: most of us aren’t born with Blake Lively levels of hair volume. When it comes to faking it, we might try blowdrying tresses with a round brush, applying a volumising spray or even, clip-in extensions. If your hair is still looking limp – the problem might be in the way you’re looking after it. Or, more specifically, you could be washing your hair incorrectly. 

Generally speaking, daily hair care involves shampoo, conditioner and de-tangling any knots with a fine-tooth comb. When it comes to flat hair, conditioner is often the culprit. While it can be great for detangling knots, it can also weigh your tresses down.  New York-based dermatologist Francesca Fusco told InStyle that, most hair types should only use it on the tips and ends. Adding that the right formula is crucial 

So what should you avoid? Conditioners with silicones in them coat strands and can sometimes leave hair looking lifeless. 

Fine Hair

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Etienne Sekola, head stylist at the David Mallett Salon in New York stresses the importance of washing out conditioner completely before stepping out of the shower. “If you have fine hair and leave any remnants of conditioner, there will be residue that weighs the hair down and you will lose some volume,” Sekola says. 

Alternately, you can skip conditioner all together and opt for a nutrient-rich hair serum (look for something with argan or macadamia nut oil in it). Remember: your next good hair day isn’t reliant on whether you use conditioner but, how you use it! 

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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