5 Scents That Have The Power To Alter Your Mood

And how to choose a fragrance accordingly.

Settling on a signature scent can feel like an impossible task. Ideally, you want something bright, uplifting and fresh for everyday wear as you apply a quick spritz before racing out the door to the office or lunch. But you also need a scent with enough oomph and depth for those nights when you’re going out for drinks with the girls. 

There’s a reason why it can feel borderline impossible to find a signature scent that is perfectly suited to every occasion—and that’s because different fragrance notes evoke different moods. So might we suggest that you shelve your pursuit of a signature scent and create a fragrance wardrobe based on how you want to feel instead? 

Smell has a stronger link to emotions and memory than any of our other senses. This is because our brain processes incoming scents via the olfactory bulb which has direct connections to the hippocampus (responsible for memory) and the amygdala (where emotions are processed).

Ready to choose a scent that will make you feel all the feels? Here are five popular fragrance notes with mood-altering effects.


Wear it when: You want to find your zen.

Known for its soothing aroma, lavender has long been used to help promote feelings of calm, which can have a positive impact on your mood. As a gentle floral note, lavender can be found in many men’s and women’s fragrances as it works well alongside other aromatic ingredients.

Coconut water

Wear it when: You want to feel relaxed.

With slightly sweet and fruity undertones, scents containing coconut water bring an easy, breezy holiday vibe into your everyday. Our latest obsession? Calvin Klein Eternity Aromatic Essence For Women

Its sparkling coconut water accord is paired with salty peony for a fresh and modern interpretation on florals that dries down to reveal sandalwood at the base. Dab on each wrist to reveal a sophisticated feminine scent with light fruity-yet-floral undertones that are sure to relax the senses.


Wear it when: You want to feel sexy.

Known for its warm, spicy, and slightly sweet scent profile, cardamom is a scent that is said to soothe nervous tension and awaken the wearer’s sensual side. So, that date night fragrance you were looking for? Look for a scent containing cardamom.


Wear it when: You want to feel grounded.

A popular addition to both men’s and unisex fragrances, woody notes such as sandalwood or cedarwood can help settle and balance emotions. 

Calvin Klein Eternity Aromatic Essence For Men is grounded by woody and gin-like facets that are contrasted with a lighter, more subtle Juniper Berry note. With the added sensuality of cardamom, this fragrance is the perfect scent for men or women who prefer something more unisex.


Wear it when: You want to feel comforted.

Known to perfumers as ‘black gold’, vanilla is a popular, slightly sweet scent that could be compared to a warm hug. Looking for an aroma with undertones more comforting than a home-cooked meal? Vanilla is the one.

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