This Is The Best-Selling Lipstick At Department Stores In 2019

The search for the perfect hue is over

You know that putting on your favourite lipstick can be an instant mood-booster. What’s tougher than finding the perfect shade is knowing which one is actually worth the investment. 

The search for the perfect shade of red lipstick is over: meet Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in ‘400’ a hue that’s not too blue or orange boasting an award-winning formula with a velvet finish. 

Since landing on beauty counters around the world in 2012, Lip Maestro has earnt cult-status in the beauty industry and is beloved by real women, make-up artists and celebrities alike. Case in point: it’s the highest selling lipstick at department stores in 2019 with shades ‘400‘ and ‘405‘ selling out on the same day each time. 

According to beauty folklore, lip maestro was born backstage when Giorgio Armani’s International Make-Up Artist Linda Cantello mixed pure pigments with a velvet-feeling transparent gel. Since then the formulation has been finessed although the philosophy of remains the same: to do only what is necessary, no more. Think of Lip Maestro as a deconstructed lipstick, taking it back to its purest elements. 

Giorgio Armani beauty has created a revolutionary backlighting technology. Lip Maestro’s translucent gel base allows light to interact with pigments and to be bounced back. This results in the pigments appearing backlit, creating lip colours that appear to be radiant from within, for a
luminous, velvet glow.

While this classic hue looks phenomenal when applied using the doe-foot applicator, a contemporary diffused effect is created when lip maestro is applied using just your fingertips. The luxurious velvet finish means lips look voluminous and soft like a plush fabric. 

lip maestro
Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in the iconic shade 400, $56

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