Hate Your Haircut? This Is What To Do

All is not lost (except maybe your length)

We’ve all been there: you arrive at the hairdressers with a cut-out of Miranda Kerr and a truckload of anticipation, only to emerge, hours later, looking NOTHING LIKE what you had in mind (and definitely nothing like Miranda).

Whether expectation simply didn’t line up with reality or you and your hair stylist just weren’t on the same page (make that book), don’t panic. Even the best haircuts can take some time to settle – give it a few wash and wears before you pick up the phone. 

In case that fails, we asked Barney Martin senior stylist Penny for her tips on what to do if you hate your haircut – you’ll be pleased to read none of the below options include wigs, buzz-cuts or never leaving the house again. 

1/ Try your hand at styling it

“The first thing to do if you’re unhappy with your cut is to have a think about how you’ve styled it,” says Barney Martin senior stylist Penny. “Nine times out of 10 when we get a new hairstyle we forget that we are going need to have a whole new styling process.” Penny recommends seeking out YouTube tutorials on hair types/cuts like yours.

2/ Switch up your products

What you used for your old hair isn’t necessarily what you need now. “Tools and products are everything,” says Penny. “Invest in some good brushes – we love R+Co boar bristle for your everyday blow outs – and for wash and wear days, a good moisture cream or oil for heavier hair makes styling so much easier.”

3/ Go back to the scene of the crime

Most of us would never dream of telling our hairdresser we don’t like their work, but it’s a much safer option than seeing someone new. “Pop back to your stylist to explain what you’re not loving about it,” says Penny, promising that they won’t be offended. “That way they can advise how to style or modify the cut.” Better yet, before you even leave the studio the first time around, ask your hairdresser to show you how you should be styling it at home.

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