The Power Of Parfum

Heighten your fragrance game with parfum for vibrant days and luminous nights.

Luxurious, sophisticated, heady and long lasting, parfum offers a true sensory indulgence that other scents simply don’t. And this season, the day and night scents are all about making an impact when you enter the room, and leaving a positively glowing impression. So should you invest in a new parfum? And what do you want to say? Here, we explain the power of parfum, how to choose a day parfum and a night parfum, and how to invest in a luxury and lasting elegance you’ll love.

Should You Upgrade To Parfum? The Power Of Parfum Explained…

Understanding the difference between parfum and eau de toilette allows a better appreciation of stronger, headier fragrances.

Parfum boasts a higher concentration of fragrance oils (up to 40 per cent perfume oil) ensuring a stronger, more enduring scent. While EDT (five to 15 per cent perfume oil) might last for a few hours, Parfum is designed to linger longer, providing a luxurious, opulent scent that evolves beautifully on your skin.
The scent profile of parfum is often richer and has more complexity, too. It has superior longevity and sillage (the scent trail left in the air as you move). Its high oil concentration delivers this depth and staying power and means that parfum requires fewer reapplications throughout the day.

Should You Change Your Parfum From Day To Night?

You change your clothes from day to night… Why not your fragrance, too? During the day, lighter, fresher parfums can be uplifting and perfect for time spent in the office. The extra bonus is you can apply parfum at 8am and not need to reapply all day.

Come twilight, our senses crave deeper, more fulfilling aromas. Evening versions of parfum bring even richer, warmer notes. With that comes a cosy, comforting feeling that perfectly accompanies night’s cooler temperatures and dim light.

British actress and style icon Lily James has partnered with Versace for the glamorous Bright Crystal campaign. Image: Getty

Are There Any Application Tips For Transitioning Day And Night Parfum?

Yes, there are simple tips to mastering day-to-night parfum. These include layering parfum techniques and application points. Let us explain…

Layering parfum

Take luxury a step further by layering your fragrance with body lotions or creams of the same scent. This will extend its longevity and bring even more luxury to the fragrance application experience.

Parfum application points

Apply your parfum to pulse points (wrists, neck, behind the ears). Don’t be tempted to spritz your hair or clothing. Fragrance reacts with your unique body chemistry as it evolves with time, which is why the same fragrance can smell completely different on you than it does on your friend.

Taking parfum from day to night

Carry a travel-sized bottle of your nighttime fragrance and apply a very small amount to pulse points as the afternoon progresses. Repeat every few hours to allow a seamless shift from your day to night parfums.

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Versace’s new parfum collection includes Bright Crystal Parfum, 90ml, RRP $285; and Crystal Noir Parfum 90ml, RRP, $285. Video: Supplied

About Versace Bright Crystal And Crystal Noir Parfum

The House of Versace has reimagined its iconic Crystal Collection, introducing two new parfum iterations that promise unparalleled quality and lasting power.

Bright Crystal, a market player for 18 years, now presents as a fresh floral parfum with sheer sensuality and crystal transparency. Designed for daytime wear, the fragrance opens with refreshing, invigorating pomegranate, yuzu, and caramelised red fruits. As it evolves, the heart reveals an elegant bouquet of magnolia, peony and lotus flowers. Finally, base notes of amber woods, Ambrox® Super, acajou and musk provide a subtle sensuality that lingers, enveloping you in a warm, captivating drydown.

Perfect for starting (and continuing) your day with confidence, it will carry you through the hustle and bustle with its long-lasting allure.

For evening, Versace Crystal Noir Parfum brings confidence and elegance. This fragrance opens with bright citrus fruits and bold spices, reminiscent of exotic markets. The heart reveals lush florals, adding a comforting sweetness, while the woody oriental base creates depth and intensity. This luxe, sophisticated scent is perfect for taking you well into the evening.

And, with the lovely Lily James as the face of these two new iterations, Versace Bright Crystal and Noir Parfum, Lily bridges the gap between timeless allure and modern sophistication. Lily James has established herself as a versatile and talented actor, inspiring audiences across multiple genres, from musical hit Mamma Mia to Cinderella, Pam & Tommy, Baby Driver, and more recently The Claw.

Embodying talent, versatility, glamour, natural charm and a down to earth attitude, Lily is the perfect partner for Versace Bright Crystal. Image: Supplied

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