Yes, It’s A Thing! Why Your Skin Could Benefit From Multi-Masking

Double your glow in half the time

Of all the beauty trends to come out of the last few years, multi-masking is definitely up there. Not only is it a genius way to save time, but it works to treat multiple skin concerns at once, whether that’s congestion, fine lines, dryness or all of the above.

Perhaps you’re already a dedicated masker, or maybe you’re just looking to level up your existing routine. Either way, the multi-masking method could help bridge the gap between you and complexion nirvana. 

But First, What Exactly Is Multi-Masking?

Multi-masking involves using two or more masks on different parts of the face to target certain skincare concerns. 

What Are The Benefits?


It targets different complexion concerns in one hit, essentially streamlining your routine (and one less step is a big yes from us). 


Hormones, lifestyle and seasonal changes can all affect our skin’s individual needs at a given point in time. Multi-masking means you can switch up products to suit, whether that’s hydrating, soothing, balancing or clarifying. 


It would be amiss of us not to touch on the #selfcare element that comes with masking. Just add mood lighting, a luxurious candle and your fluffiest robe. 

How To Choose The Right Mask

This will depend on your individual skin concerns, but a good rule of thumb is to use clay-based masks where oil flow is heavier (the nose, chin and forehead), and nourishing options on the cheeks, temples, neck and chest. 

Keen to try? Read our Editor-approved multi-masking combinations below:

The Starter Kit

minenssey clay mask set

The Minenssey Clay Mask Revival Set is by far one of the easiest ways to customise your masking routine. The Australian-made set is designed with the skin’s natural cycle in mind, and contains nine individually-packed pods designed to suit a range of skin concerns. You mix and match the Hydrating Clay Mask, Deep Cleansing Clay Mask, Rejuvenating Clay Mask and Brightening Clay Mask. 

Nourish + Firm

Still feeling dry and lost its bounce? Apply a firming treatment like Chantecaille’s Bio Lifting Mask to the lower half of the face where sagging is prominent, and a nourishing option around the cheeks, nose and forehead. For the rest, we love Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque to hydrate and soften without irritating.

Brighten + Glow

Got an event and want to look beyond radiant? Try mixing the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask with Sisley’s Eye Contour Mask. The caffeine in the Sisley mask will de-puff delicate skin around the eyes, whereas the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask helps to restore luminosity. Try taking it right down to the neck and chest if you’re wearing something low-cut. 

Clear + Hydrate 

T-zone shiny but cheeks dry? Restore balance by pairing a clay-based formula with something hydrating. The Mukti Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque contains white clay, Kakadu plum and jojoba to slough off dead skin, refine pores and balance oil production without stripping. As for hydration, try out the Drunk Elephant Electrolyte Facial, as it will amp up skin water content and reinforce the barrier. 

And the final step? Sit back, relax, and enjoy your glow. 

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