Kendall And Kylie’s Hairdresser On The 1 Trend He Wishes Would Die

“I call it ‘recession hair’”

He’s the man who took Kendall Jenner’s hair from long to lob, the hairdresser of choice for countless celebrities (in the Kardashian/Jenner’s inner circle and beyond) and an undeniable arbiter of beauty trends – but there’s one that Jonathan Colombini is well and truly tired of.

“Ombre,” he says without a second’s hesitation. “Stop it. I call it ‘recession hair’ because people liked it because it grows out and you don’t have to do your roots.”

“But the recession is over – and so are your roots. No more ombre.”

A quick scan of the world’s most famous heads right now reveals that Hollywood has clearly followed his instructions: these days, there’s barely a dip-dyed end to be seen.

As for that other ubiquitous hair trend right now, the lob, Colombini is a fan – provided you have the hair type and face shape to pull it off.

“I would say those with rounder faces should stay away from super short hair, because longer hair draws the face back down again,” he explains. “Where as if you have a narrower, longer face, a shorter style balances everything out – it goes the same with a fringe.”

Curly hair types should also proceed with caution. “If you have curly hair, you could have a variation of the lob, but I would stay away from it,” he says. “The more weight that’s off your hair, the more it bounces up.”

 As for Kendall Jenner’s hair? “She’s one of the most low-maintenance people with her hair,” Colombini says. “She looks good that undone, beachy hair, and she loves her topknots – I feel like she’s the topknot queen.”

The secret to her hair always looking so good, according to Colombini, is minimal styling product. “The more product I add to her hair, the less it works,” he says.

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