Does Kerastase Genesis Actually Help With Hair Fall?

These hair products reportedly stop hair fall, but do they actually work?

Kérastase believes it has found the solution to hair fall with its classic Genesis collection. But do these hair care products reduce results? 

Let’s breakdown what’s in the products, and what’s being said online.

What Does The Kérastase Genesis Range Do?

The Kérastase Genesis collection features a fortifying hair serum, two types of shampoo (one for thin and one for thick hair types), a conditioner, a hair mask and a heat protectant spray. 

Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Hair Serum, $92 at Kérastase

The serum is the hero of the collection, and claims to work from the scalp to improve scalp health and thus fortifying hair. 

The shampoos and conditioner similarly work on a scalp+hair health combo, reinforcing hair fibres to avoid shedding from breakage, while also cleansing the scalp of dirty and damaging oils. 

The fortifying mask is a more intense nourishing formula, that will help detangle and smooth hair to avoid breakage.

Finally, the heat protectant spray aims to prevent split ends and other signs of heat damage, plus will help hydrate and keep your hair looking shiny. 


Kérastase Genesis Key Ingredients

The Kérastase range is infused with a range of floral and herbal ingredients, namely Edelweiss and ginger root. 

Edelweiss: Studies have shown Edelweiss significantly increases hair density to prevent thinning and limp hair. 

Ginger root: While not scientifically proven, anecdotally—and in forms of traditional medicine—ginger has been use to improve the health of hair, skin and our bodies overall. Ginger notably improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation. 

What the reviews say

The Kérastase Genesis range has mostly positive reviews online, with many users saying they found an almost-instant improvement in the appearance of their hair. On Google reviews, the serum has amassed a star rating of 4.6 from over 3500 reviews (and counting), receiving a vast majority of 5-star reviews. 

A common thread among reviewers is that people love the smell of the product and support the product’s claims of scalp care, with many claiming the product did indeed reduce shedding and hair fall. 

However, users should note the range is not an antidote to baldness, hair loss, illness or auto-immune conditions, like alopecia, which lead to hair loss. 

If you’re not sure the Genesis range is right for your immediate hair needs, Kérastase has introduced a handy online tool to help diagnose your hair needs and direct you to a haircare range tailored to you. Try it here

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