The One Thing Kim Kardashian Never Travels Without

Experts swear by it as well

While we know a good serum and night cream are crucial in helping our skin rehydrate and regenerate while we’re sleeping, there’s another unexpected product that could be making a huge difference to our complexion come morning. 

Kim Kardashian recently revealed the thing she never travels without is a silk pillowcase and eye mask. “I always sleep on a silk pillowcase. The silk is really good for your skin and hair – and it’s SO soft,” she says.

We’ve long waxed lyrical about the benefits of sleeping on silk – read our review here.

The brand Kim swears by is Slip, which is also loved by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury and co-founder of They All Hate Us, Elle Ferguson. 

“The silk fiber slides rather than pulling against the face and absorbing your night creams, like traditional cotton pillowcases,” says dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur. They also help alleviate fine lines and wrinkles cause by creases created by pillowcases while sleeping, explains dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. With celebrities and experts behind this one, we have to say we’re convinced. 

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