13 Celebrity-Approved Layered Hairstyles Designed To Enhance Dimension

Movement is on the menu.

Let us start by stating something: just about everything is better with layers.

Take the case of a cake, for example; we’d rather a multi-tier dessert delight than a sole sponge any day. Layers add interest across the board, allowing for several different things (flavours, aesthetics, etc.) to exist within one greater one.

And that’s the very magic of a layered hairstyle (on top of the fact that they’re just plain old chic): the endless options they allow for.

Want to whip your hair up into a polished chignon? The face-framing pieces that remain will ensure everything still looks soft. Eyeing a flit with a faux bob? Tuck your longer length into a cosy knit and embrace short-haired life for a day. Or perhaps you’re simply chasing a little extra dimension, shape and movement within your mane? Layers can easily aid with that, as well.

Layered cuts are far more versatile than you may think, too; while choppier styles have actually made quite a triumphant return, they’re not your only option. Layers can be as seamlessly subtle as they can be statement-making—it all depends on what best suits your face, preferences and styling abilities.

In fact, expertly cut layers are actually one of Hollywood’s most heavily utilised hair ‘tricks’, as they’re a big player in giving hair the covetable ‘life’ that we all spend hours bonding with our blow-dryers to try and achieve.

So if you’re looking for celebrity-approved examples to inspire your next foray into the land of layers, you’ve come to exactly the right place…

Laura Harrier

(Credit: @ninapark)

Harrier’s hair features classic gradual tiered layers, with pieces inching longer as they move outward.

Samara Weaving


Weaving’s smooth-but-not-straight style purposely parts her two varying lengths, putting her layers on full display.

Daisy Edgar-Jones

(Credit: @naokoscintu)

Edgar-Jones is growing out her bangs in the chicest way possible; with long, tapered curtain layers.

Amanda Seyfried

(Credit: @renatocampora)

Seyfried has what’s referred to as ‘butterfly layers’, two stark lengths with no major feathering between.

Eiza Gonzalez

(Credit: @elizabethsaltzman)

Gonzalez’s layers are extremely understated, with some falling at chin-length and others just before her longest ends.

Sophie Turner

(Credit: @cwoodhair)

Turner’s flipped-in ends showcase her contrasting lengths by letting her shortest pieces curve in just below the jaw.

Jessica Chastain

(Credit: @renatocampora)

Chastain’s statement layers skim her cheekbones, but there’s still subtle dimension throughout the length.

Isabel May

(Credit: @kdeenihan)

Long layers can be some of the most striking, as evidenced by the fact that May’s inner ones are just slightly shorter and yet still draw the eye.

Sophia Bush

(Credit: @matthewstylist)

Bush’s beachy texture allows each layer to effortlessly ripple into the next as they move outward and down.

Elsa Hosk

(Credit: @hoskelsa)

While above-the-chin layers are nothing new, Hosk’s ‘over the eye and then away from the face’ aesthetic is both modern and nostalgic.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

(Credit: @cwoodhair)

Huntington-Whiteley’s silky, sleek finish gives the effect of her tiered layers ‘falling’ into place.

HoYeon Jung

(Credit: @emilychengmakeup)

Jung’s mane features many layers, with the undone texture allowing shapes to form at varying heights.

Jodie Comer

(Credit: @naokoscintu)

Comer’s front layers are long (and thick) enough to present as a full-fledged chop when desired, while still leaving a safety net of longer hair beneath.

Main image credit: @renatocampora

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