The Cool Girl Way To Wear A Lob (Without It Ageing You)

Not all lobs are created equal

Here’s the thing: the lob (that’s long bob, for the uninitiated), can go one of two ways. It can look like this:

Or it can more closely resemble Diane Keaton’s look in First Wives Club (which, while fabulous, probably isn’t what you want right now).

This year, celebrity lobs and bobs have veered so far from vanilla that they’ve almost become a look in their own right: think punkish, sexy and seriously mussed up. Here’s how to get the look.

1/ Texture is crucial.

Diane Keaton’s lob? Dead straight, with an equally obedient fringe. The lobs you love? They look like they haven’t seen a brush in years. Take to your hair with dry shampoo, texturising spray and powder to really amp up the volume and give your cut a morning-after bedhead vibe.

2/ Add an S-bend.

If you prefer a slightly more polished look, create volume and movement by way of haphazard, piece-y waves. Keep the look loose and curl hair in different directions for an undone effect (and watch Bec Judd’s easy waves tutorial here).

3/ Go asymmetrical.

Keep the look modern, not mumsy, by asking your hairdresser for an asymmetrical cut. Victoria Beckham pulls off the look with aplomb (above).

4/ Think deep.

A deep side part is the key to giving new-look lobs their mussed up, voluminous, effortless vibe. Forgo your fringe and rake hair back with fingers, flipping sides throughout the day lest your strands fall flat.

5/ Unconventional colour.

An instant way to give your lob edge? Colour it something totally left of centre, from platinum blonde with dark roots to lollypop pink, a la Olivia Wilde, Kate Mara and Suki Waterhouse, pictured.

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