Thanks To The ‘Friends’ Reunion, The ‘Modern Rachel’ Has Become The Must-Have Cut For 2021

Donned by regular folk and A-list celebrities

It’s not every day that a haircut remains a hot commodity for over two decades, but leave it to Friends fans—following last week’s highly-anticipated reunion—to ensure that we never forget about the iconic Rachel cut, modelled after Jennifer Aniston’s character’s hair in the first few seasons of the show.

Since Friends first aired, the look itself became the most requested style in history, however, amid a new century, a modern take on the look is long overdue. 

According to beauty retailer, Just My Look, requests for the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle have climbed a massive 179% since the teaser for the reunion first aired, meaning it was only a matter of time before a fresh take on the style resurfaced online.

With the new generation reviving ‘90s blowouts and adapting Rachel’s classic cut, those edging towards the salon should know ‘The Rachel’ requires commitment thanks to its plentiful layers, a dedication that a selection of Hollywood’s A-list have taken head on.

In 2020, Chrissy Teigen opted for a fresh take on the layered, feathery cut, courtesy of hairstylist Tracey Cunningham. 

“New hair who this, it’s me obviously i don’t get it. @traceycunningham1,” she wrote alongside a short clip of the cut, showing Rachel’s signature chunky golden-blonde highlights. 

Earlier that same year, Selena Gomez sported her own modern take on the cut, while appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show. According to Gomez’s hairstylist Marissa Marino, her inspiration behind the look was a hybrid of the ‘Rachel’ shag and Goldie Hawn’s curtain bangs and voluminous layers in The First Wives Club.

“Selena on @kellyclarksonshow today! It’s a great interview, so be sure to watch,” Marino wrote on Instagram. “Hair inspo was ‘The Rachel’ meets Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club.” 

Selena Gomez

And now, TikTok users have taken to the platform to share their version of the modern reiteration. One example being TikTok user, @asapabes, who tried her hand at the trend by sectioning her hair and blow-drying each piece away from her face using a hot barrel brush, then using rollers to pin the curls in place.


attempted rachel’s 90s hairstyle 💓

♬ original sound – meme rivera ミ☆

Turns out, her technique on achieving the signature blowout wasn’t too left of field. In fact, there’s an entire tag on TikTok that promotes the look made famous by Rachel Green.

While some head to a stylist to achieve the look, others opt for a DIY approach. One user even changed up the direction of each section, creating volume in place of a centre part by blow-drying half of the hair above the crown over the eyes and the other half, back over the crown itself.

The best bit? Recreating the modern ‘Rachel’ cut at home is far from difficult—after a hairstylist has shaped the hair accordingly, of course.

For best results, the iconic cut looks best when sitting just above the shoulders or a few inches below, to allow more wriggle room with the style’s layers and to frame the face in a heart shape à la Rachel Green.
Keep the hair light and fluffy by washing more frequently, rather than allowing larger breaks between washes where oil can build up and weigh the hair down. After all, for this look, volume is key.

When washing the hair, it’s best practice to use a volumizing shampoo to give the locks their best chance at achieving bounce. Post-wash, apply oil or serum to the hair while it’s damp to ensure it dries with a smooth texture.

Finally, finish the look by blow-drying the hair, section by section, away from the face to create the weightless look and let the layers highlight the style’s endless dimensions.

Below, everything one would need to recreate the ‘Modern Rachel’ look at home, while rewatching the Friends reunion, of course.

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