3 Of The Best Natural Deodorants To Try

Putting the beauty staple to the test

When we first started our sustainable living and natural beauty journey, natural deodorant was the standout product to switch out in our daily routine. It seemed easy, we wouldn’t have to sacrifice on anything the world can see (insert your favourite red lipstick, foundation, mascara or eyeliner here) and we were immediately addressing concerns of aluminium and paraben laden chemist-bought deodorants, and the perils of sweat blockers. However, as anyone who has ever tried a natural deodorant will tell you, many of them are impossible to apply, leave stains on your clothes and frankly don’t always hold up.

Until now. The good news is natural deodorants have progressed so much in the last year. They smell great, are making inroads into sustainability, and performsome even betterthan their mainstream counterparts.

We’ve tested them to their limits (Pilates class, coastal runs and even horse riding), they’ve undergone the laundry test (no yellow marks), the toddler sniff test and even our partners approve. But what sets these hard-working daily essentials apart is they have all the benefits of a pastelong-lasting, you still sweat but you don’t smellbut all in a convenient and no mess stick. Here is our pick.


A total game-changer as far as we are concerned. Biode’s packaging is 100 per cent biodegradableto the point that when you’re finished with the packaging simply bury it in the garden, or a pot plant and it will break down in 12-20 weeks. Plus, it’s formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients, is applied via a push-up tube, so again no mess, and has a woody, unisex scent, which we love.


Biode Deodorant Into the Woods, $19; available at Mint Eco


Another sustainable game-changer, Asuvi deodorants arrive in a recyclable, easy to handle tube, but the clincher is they provide refills wrapped in biodegradable cardboard. All ingredients are sourced from smallholder family farms or Australian certified organic suppliers, and we love that they have scents for men and women.


ASUVI The Refillable Deodorant Palm Grove, $20; available at Nourished Life


Housed in a chic green cylinder that can be recycled in your curbside collection, Natch Essentials deodorants are handcrafted in Sydney in small batches so that no two deodorants are the same. It’s free of all the nasties like aluminium, parabens and synthetics, and features a blend of coconut oil and vanilla oils. It’s one of our all-time favourites, easy to apply, no fuss and no mess!


Natch Essentials Natural Deodorant, $29; available at Assembly Label

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