Nicole Warne Shares Her Intense Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep

If you have all the time in the world…

When Australian fashion influencer Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl married Luke Shadbolt in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, last month, it instantly won most beautiful wedding of the year.

Fresh from her honeymoon, Warne has shared her extensive health, fitness and beauty pre-wedding routine with Into The Gloss – and honestly, it puts our bridal bootcamp efforts to shame. 

Warne begins with a caveat: her regimen was “a lot of work”, tedious and expensive. “I don’t have kids just yet and I feel lucky to be self-employed, which made it doable,” she admits.

Read on for a glimpse into life as a bride-to-be with 1.7-million Instagram followers…

1/ Three facial treatments a week

“I wanted my skin as hydrated, plump, even and as glowing as possible, so about a month out, I committed to three treatments a week,” Nicole writes. Her facialist of choice is Sydney-based skin whisperer Melanie Grant, who was also a guest at her wedding.

2/ Sonophoresis

As part of her pre-wedding facial routine, Nicole indulged in a “once-monthly deep cleanse using sonophoresis that meticulously cleans the skin pore by pore and helps soften and liquefy sebum, dirt, and debris.” This targeted congestion on her forehead. Plus…

3/ Microdermabrasion

Once-monthly using “an ultrafine diamond tip” for gentle exfoliation. 

4/ Custom peels

Nicole’s peels alternatied between lactic acid and niacinamide and enzyme formulations, to refine and chemically exfoliate, she tells Into The Gloss.

5/ Vitamin infusions

Applied with ultrasound, Nicole had a cocktail of vitamin C, resveratrol (an antioxidant), niacinamide, ferulic acid, squalene, hyaluronic acid and AHAs.

6/ Light therapy

Guaranteed to give you glow, light therapy sessions are perfect for brides to be. Nicole had a mix of both red and white light “to induce collagen and elastin, calm inflammation and stimulate blood flow to promote radiance, clarity and glow.”

7/ Lash lift

“My eyelashes looked twice as long even before I applied mascara,” Nicole enthuses. She had hers done at Smooth Waxing in Bondi.

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