Inner Beauty: The Instagrammable Nutrition Brand Boosting Wellness

From super greens to collagen beauty and bone broth.

It’s never been easier to weave simple wellbeing practices into your daily routine. From stretching to journaling, body brushing to clean eating, there’s a variety of ways to nourish your body and mind.

But as a parent, social butterfly, or nine-to-five worker (maybe even all three), you might not have the time to prepare a nutrient-rich recipe for every single meal. Cue Nutra Organics, an all-natural nutrition brand that can support your diet with its beautiful range of pure wholefood formulations.

The diverse range of products—including collagen powder and multivitamins—are scientifically formulated from wholefoods to support your general health and wellbeing.  

Collagen beauty
Collagen powder is a staple in every beauty lover’s routine. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

This year, Nutra Organics is celebrating its 25th birthday with the release of new, limited-edition products—including a supersized Collagen Beauty—and a coffee table-worthy cookbook containing 140 family recipes. It’s the perfect introduction to our newfound inner beauty obsession.

Beauty From The Inside Out

Nutra Organics was founded in 1998 by a husband-and-wife duo with a background in naturopathy who aimed to fill nutritional gaps and improve the health of their young family.

Based around the philosophy that “wellness shouldn’t be overcomplicated, boring or unattainable, the family-owned brand has today grown into a team of nutritionists, naturopaths, and health experts who share the same ethos and deliver wholefood formulations that can be easily incorporated into daily diets. 

Spanning collagen, broths, kids’ nutrition, superfoods, protein and more, Nutra Organics offers something for everyone.

Nutra Organics wellness cookbook
Style the ‘Wholefoods to Deeply Nourish’ cookbook on the kitchen counter for easy access. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

The Best Nutra Organics Product For Your Lifestyle

Beauty lovers: Every beauty and skincare devotee understands the power of collagen, a naturally-produced protein in our bodies that decreases as we age. Launched in 2017, Collagen Beauty is proven to enhance collagen formation and skin health, strengthen nails, and support healthy hair and general wellbeing. As it’s unflavoured, the powder can be added to anything from smoothies to baking.

Busy parents: For time-poor parents with picky kids, turn to Nutra Organics range of kids’ superfood powders. Whether you opt for Veggie Hero (a blend of 15 fruits and veggies) or Gutsy Gummies (a low sugar gut loving snack), these blends are a great way to sneak essential nutrients into your fussy eaters’ diets.

bone broth
Both visually appealing and sustainable, Nutra Organics packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

Fitness enthusiasts: Bone and vegetable broths are a naturally nourishing way to boost immunity and keep up energy levels—especially after an intense Pilates session. Nutra Organics broths include a range of Australian grass-fed beef concentrates and powders, Australian free range chicken bone broth powders, and vegan friendly vegetable both powders. Take your pick!

Social butterflies: If you’re always socialising with friends, it can be challenging to maintain a regular diet. Super Greens + Reds is a wholefoods blend of 23 greens and reds to support energy, gut wellbeing, immunity and more (not to mention, it’s the leading wholefood multivitamin in Australia and New Zealand today).

Brought to you by Nutra Organics.

*Vitamin and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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