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How fragrance can affect your mood

Ever notice how a specific scent can trigger a memory? It’s because the part of the brain that deals with smell also stores memories, so whether it’s freshly baked biscuits taking you back to afternoons spent in your grandma’s kitchen, or a hint of citrus reminding you of that trip you took to Sicily, one whiff is all it takes to trigger the linked memory. But it’s not just past memories: fragrance can also impact our present-day emotions, feelings, behaviour and mood.

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If you know anything about aromatherapy, it’s not hard to understand how fragrance works in the same way: if you’re feeling sluggish and need a little pep in your step, mist a scent spiked with invigorating citrus notes like lemon, orange or grapefruit, to help refresh and revitalise the senses and make you more alert, or try a soft floral with notes of jasmine or lavender to help with restlessness. Need to bolster your confidence? A perfume can definitely help.

Much like ‘power dressing’ or the ‘superhero stance’ can reinforce your poise, perfume has the same powers. In one study, 90 per cent of women surveyed stated they felt more confident whenever they wore a fragrance, compared to when they weren’t wearing anything at all. It’s because the part of the brain that deals with memories is also where emotions are stored.

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So how do you manage those times when you need to bring your A-game, like when you’ve got a big work presentation coming up, or you’re meeting your significant other’s family? First, make a promise that you’re going to stay true to yourself, no matter what. Second, mist a little Promise, the latest fragrance from Jennifer Lopez, the ultimate modern, multifaceted woman. Whether singing, acting, or tending to her children or her businesses, Lopez is known for giving every single thing she does her absolute all, and she wanted to create a scent that reflected the promise she made to herself early on in her life, that she would always love who she is and believe in her dreams. The result is a scent that is, much like the lady herself, supremely self-assured. A floral, woody parfum, it combines zesty Italian tangerine, pink berries, and nashi pear, soft notes of sambac jasmine and honeysuckle, and warm amber and orris, to create a bold, bright and empowering fragrance that can help you tap into your inner J.Lo.

Promise the new fragrance by JLo

So what’s your promise to yourself? Maybe you’re going to ask for that raise you know you deserve, or you’re not going to compromise when it comes to your goals, or you’re going to be a little more confident every day. Whatever your promise, keep moving forward with conviction, and don’t let anything stand in your way.

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