Ruby Rose Shares Photos Of Her Worst Haircut Ever

We’ve all been there

We don’t know what’s worse: when you emerge from the hairdresser’s chair with a new ‘do that doesn’t even remotely resemble what you asked for – or the unfortunate result when you attempt to fix their work yourself.

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Ruby Rose would say the second option. The DJ/Orange Is The New Black star has taken to Instagram to reflect on “THAT hair”, which, as it turns out, wasn’t at all intentional.

The pictures shows Rose’s hair around four years ago, when she had a curious shaved triangle at the top of her head. We all assumed it was part of the look, but turns out it definitely wasn’t.

“The hair… THAT hair… I will never forget,” Rose captioned the first photo.

“I had a great barber but while travelling used someone else and he kinda slid and made a crooked line and my OCD couldn’t handle it so I thought it better to just keep shaving away and put a whole triangle there so it looked straighter… WE DON’T TALK ABOUT HOW HARD THAT WAS TO GROW OUT. WE DO NOT MENTION IT IN THIS HOUSE.”

Of course, Rose still looks stunning – with (admittedly strange) shaved triangle or without.

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