Everything You Need To Know About Semi-Permanent Brows

All your options explained by celebrity brow expert Amy Jean

Desperately seeking thickness? We ask celebrity brow expert Amy Jean about the art of semipermanent brows.

Henna Brows

What it is: Henna is a temporary non-toxic solution to brow definition. “It’s a natural tint that stains the skin and creates shading where you are lacking definition,” says Amy Jean.

Lasts: two to four weeks.

Brow candidate: “Almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of henna, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding,” says Amy Jean. 

Price: $75


What it is: If brow powder is your go-to and you like a low-maintenance make-up routine, the airbrush tattooing technique of misting could be for you. “Misting achieves a softly powdered brow,” says Amy Jean. “The soft wash of colour achieves a very subtle back-ground colour behind the hairs.”

Lasts: 12-18 months.

Brow candidate: It suits most skin and brow types.

Price: from $995


What it is: Big on social media, micro-blading involves a professional creating tiny-tattoo “strokes” to fill brows. But do your homework. “This treatment is not suited to everyone,” says Amy Jean. “Oily or dewy skin types won’t have success with the pigment retention.” People prone to rosacea should also steer clear, and if you use a lot of actives in your skincare reigme “the strokes may blur [or] change colour,” warns Amy Jean.

Lasts: Permanent.

Brow candidate: Dry skin types who like to keep their skin routine simple.

Price: from $995.

The article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue of marie claire. 

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