Why Everyone Is Talking About This Trending Hair Styler

This viral hair tool is worth the hype.
shark flexstyle hair styler with brushes and combs on a towel

Salon-worthy results at home? Yes, please!

Tell me you haven’t seen the Shark FlexStyle all over your TikTok For You Page and I won’t believe you. From tutorials showing how to create perfect curls to bouncy blow outs, the internet is blowing up about the Shark FlexStyle.

This viral hair styling tool is transforming the way we approach our daily hair routines – let’s dive into why you’ll want to move this tool from your wish list to your vanity, asap.

What Is The Shark FlexStyle?

The Shark FlexStyle is a game-changer as it offers multiple attachments that cater to different hair needs, so you can try out a variety of styles with ease using the one piece of kit. Plus, there’s no heat damage to worry about so your hair will stay healthy.

The key selling point? It works for all hair types, so from fine haired babes to curly girls, everyone can get in on the action. Firstly, it transforms from dryer to styler in seconds. Whether you want no-heat-damage styling and drying, automatic curling with Coanda Technology, or blowouts using dual bristles, there are endless ways for you to flex.

Hair stylist and Shark Beauty ambassador Chris Hunter is a fan of the Shark FlexStyle and uses it in his Willomina salon.

Why Stylists Love It

Chris Hunter, Shark Beauty Ambassador, raves about the Shark FlexStyle, calling it “an all-in-one tool that delivers salon-quality hair at home”. What sets this tool apart, according to Chris, is its range of attachments that suit different styling needs.

“For me, the standout attachments are the TikTok-famous Auto-Wrap Curlers, while the diffuser attachment makes it suitable for all hair types,” says Chris.

He also highlights the diffuser attachment, which caters to curly hair needs, and the Oval Brush as standouts. “Currently, my favourite attachment is the Oval Brush,” he shares. “It gives mega volume and ultra-smooth ends, perfect for a sleek, polished look or bouncy, voluminous hair. The flexibility and ease of use make it a must-have in my styling routine.”

The TikTok famous Auto-Wrap Curlers and Oval Brush are standouts.

A Viral Sensation

So, why has it become such a viral sensation? Chris believes it’s because the Shark FlexStyle delivers on its promises. He points out that while other brands have long dominated the hair tool market, Shark Beauty offers something new and refreshing.

“I know firsthand that other hairdressers in the industry and their clients love the attachments because they can do so much,” he adds. “They appreciate the quality and ease of use that the tool provides.”

Chris says clients and industry experts alike love the Shark FlexStyle.

Tips For Perfect Results

For those new to multi-functional hair tools, Chris offers some pro tips to get the best salon-quality results with the Shark FlexStyle. “Keep it simple; great hair doesn’t need to take forever,” he advises.

His go-to technique? Dry your hair until it’s 80 percent dry, then use the Shark FlexStyle’s Auto-Wrap Curlers in four large sections to create soft, loose waves. Another fantastic feature is its dual functionality as a hairdryer. “Two birds, one stone – how could anyone resist that?” he raves.

Shark FlexStyle, $499.99

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