Cosmeceutical Brand MxSkincare Is Here To Make Waves

Meet the makeup-artist and mastermind behind the brand, Alison Pickering.
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Clean, high-tech and scientifically based, Mx Skincare was created on the Gold Coast by former makeup artist and industry expert Allison Pickering to help fortify the skin, protect the complexion and add some luxury to your routine.

Tell us about Mx…

At its core, Mx is high-quality cosmeceutical skincare that doesn’t cost the earth. Mx Skincare combines the latest scientific research and the finest active ingredients in luxurious formulas that provide everything the skin needs to regenerate, revitalise and glow regardless of age, gender, skin type or ethnicity. As in the name itself, Mx, the gender-neutral honorific, Mx Skincare loves all skin … it’s made for everyone.

What was your inspiration?…

I am an absolute skincare lover and started out in the industry as a professional makeup artist, working and training for many of the top-tier cosmetic brands. I could not find a luxurious-feeling formulation that had the right active ingredients in the right delivery system without the nasty chemicals, so I sourced the finest active ingredients on the planet and went about creating it. And Mx Skincare was born.

Your must-haves…

Serum Vitamin B3, Serum Vitamin A,  Foaming Cleanser, and Moisture are four products I couldn’t be without. Having sensitive skin (including psoriasis and menopause-related issues), these products have quite literally changed my complexion – it has never felt or looked better. I feel so confident in my skin. It has become so healthy and glowing that foundation is no longer part of my routine.

Alison Pickering
Alison Pickering.

Any frontrunners so far?

The Cosmeceutical Facial Oil+ is gaining a cult status. Everyone loves this product and the glowing results it delivers.

What does it take to launch a brand?

To be a beauty entrepreneur you need a vision, belief in yourself and what you’re doing and to not lose sight of that. You need strength, perseverance, and the right people supporting you – you can’t do this alone. I find extreme joy in bringing my vision to life, enabling others to experience the amazing results of the products. The flip side is that developing, creating and delivering a world-class brand is a long, intense journey.

Your advice to entrepreneurs?

If you’re thinking about launching a brand, my tip would be to get the right advice early. Bring the best people around you, who embrace your vision and want to commit to the journey. And believe and know that everything is possible if you really want it and work hard.

Shop Alison’s top MxSkincare picks: 


Mx Skincare Moisture +, $89 at


Mx Skincare Serum Vitamin B3 +, $89 at


Mx Skincare Eye Cream +, $69 at 


Mx Skincare Facial Oil +, $79 at


Mx Skincare Serum Vitamin A+, $99 at

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