Introducing the new brow shape for 2017

“We are seeing people steer away from a high arch”

Blame Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, but arched brows have enjoyed a major moment in recent years – there are even Instagram accounts dedicated to emulating the look.

But as anyone with a naturally straighter brow knows, it’s near impossible to fake a high arch. So you’ll be pleased to hear that 2017 is heralding a more relaxed approach.

“Today’s brow shape is more androgynous – straighter and textured,” says Hannah Terrett, Benefit Australia’s national brow artist. “More and more we are seeing people steer away from a typically high arched brow towards a look that is complimentary to what you have naturally.”

Think less Kylie, more Kendall. “Kendall Jenner wears this look well but in a way that’s more accentuated for structured and polished finish,” Hannah explains.

Lily Collins, Natalie Portman and Emma Watson all have naturally straighter brows as well. “My ultimate brow crush is Lily Collins,” Hannah enthuses. “Her brows are bold, androgynous-looking and while they are very thick and make a big statement, she still carries that effortless look that can be played up or down.”

“It’s about tailoring your brows to suit your natural brow and face shape in order to achieve a look that best flatters your features.”

But don’t for a minute think that a straight brow is boring. “You can rock a more elevated look by making them sharp and structured in shape, or style with a lighter coloured product for a softer and more natural finish,” Hannah advises.

Scroll for more of our favourite straight brow looks.

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