7 Dreamy Bridal Hairstyles To Consider For Your Big Day

See the prettiest braids, classic updos and boho chic flower crowns – all right here

Picking an outfit for a wedding (be it a wedding dress, bridesmaid gown or guest attire) can be a mission, but deciding on a hairstyle can often be even harder. On such a memorable day you want to celebrate in style and, of course, with a great hair day too.

Whether you’re the bride, best friend or distant relative we have a few hairstyles up our sleeve to save the day – and a cringeworthy photo. If going all out with a professional stylist isn’t within your budget but you also don’t want to wear that messy bun you’re seen in all too often – fear not.

Scroll these stunning wedding hair ideas to inspire your day-of look, whether it’s a sleek updo, flower embellished fishtail braids or sexy beach tousled curls.


Chic Double Braided Messy Bun
Braids and a messy bun create the perfect harmony between classy and casual. Achieve this look by parting your hair in the center and plaiting both sections in a loose french braid style until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure with a hair tie and use bobby pins to create a textured bun that finishes the look.

Hot Tip: Pull sections of the braid with your fingers to flatten and create a more relaxed look. 

(Credit: Pinterest)

Fishtail Braid
Who doesn’t love a fishtail braid? If you don’t yet know how to achieve this look, it’s lucky we live in a digital era. YouTube will be your best friend to learn this elaborate braid. Don’t forget the details! Tiny flower accents, such as babies breath, are going to elevate this look to suit the occasion. 

Classic Chignon Bun

We’ve taken the hard work out of achieving this classic wedding hairstyle for you. This time lapse video shows you from start to finish how to achieve the sleek updo.

(Credit: Getty)

Celebrity Inspiration

Red carpet and Met Gala events are always great to draw inspiration from and who better than the fashion icon herself. We love how Rihanna has created a curly updo that looks sexy and sophisticated all in one!

(Credit: Getty)

Messy Bun – But Make It Royal
Channel your inner Duchess of Sussex by recreating Meghan Markle’s signature messy bun. Parted in the center and slicked back into a low bun, you just can’t go wrong. Plus it’s the perfect, and probably only, opportunity to invest in a tiara.

Half Up, Half Down
An oldie but a goodie. Keep the hair out of your face for all those selfies and bring out the boho chic vibes, this 1/2 up style is sure to get you out of any last minute drama’s. 

Flower Crowns
Always remember: when in doubt, flower crown it out. Here’s an opportunity to add a pop of colour or hide those pesky fly aways. A flower crown will amp up and add some fun to any hairstyle whether it be up, down, curly or straight. Bonus outfit coordination if you’re bringing your mini me along!

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